1.1.174 Piplay version


You can download the 174 Piplay version:[Release]PiPlay Download you can download it now. Thank you so much!


OK. I will update soon. I have looked forward to it for a long time.


I hope it is useful than last Piplay version.
Let me try it.


Hahahaha, I’m not the engineer. If you have any suggestions, you can tell us, we will tell our engineers to add some new functions if your suggestions are good enough. Thank you so much!


Can we have some brightness/contrast controls please? Even in Movie mode the screen is too dim.


Thank you for the updated version. Is it possible for you to provide release notes with each version that explain what has been changed?


Please add the feature to adjust the IPD lower than 50. My eyes still can’t see well enough at 50MM.


I support piman’s request. My “gold standard” right now for 4K stills and videos is the Xperia Z5 Premium in a Google Cardboard compatible headset with IPD and focus adjustment knobs. 4K is much brighter and sharper than the PIMAX.


Nope. Neither this version + latest firmware are not able to activate DIRECT MODE nor PIMAX MODE. I’m returning back to v 1.1.173 + FW 1.0.180 that is only combination working for me. PLEASE QUICK FIX!!!


Thank you for your suggestion. I will submit it to our engineer. Thank you so much!


Yes, we have. I need to translate it, it just has the Chinese version.


Maybe your lens’ coating was damaged. Please contact our E-mail: support@pimaxvr.com
And tell us your order number please.


Hi, Which kind of PC are u using? Desktop or laptop?


Desktop, Win7, Nvidia drivers 362.00


Which graphic are u using?


Does your PC has more than 1 graphics?


yes, but intel graphics (integrated in cpu) is deactivated. But anyway, direct mode was always working. Problems started with Piplay 1.1.171 + FW 1.0.171/1.0.194 , so question is what is different in FW 1.0.180 ?


Which graphic are u using?
which type?


And have you make sure your HDMI cable is connected with the NVIDIA card’s port?


It’s working now - after one more PC restart with Intel graphics deactivated also in bios. Thanks for support.