1080ti SLI in VR


wow, that is incredibly small O.o.
Makes me think, though, if this does not come pre-installed on a HMD, is it at all possible for a regular user to install this themselves afterwards?


I don’t think so, it has to be integrated.


So it is pretty obvious that the eye tracking solution over the lenses will not be optimal at all especially if it means sacrificing FOV. It’s stupid trade off for a devices that’s all about FOV, gonna be more like a gimmick although it bears potential. Maybe Pimax can offer an integrated solution if there are trackers that small and they are not hammerd on a specific vendor yet. People might wanna kill me for saying this but this might be something I’d wait even a little longer for because there is much amazing stuff you might be able to do with it. Much more than with a scent module (where I need to laugh everytime I think of it)


I don’t think the HMD is going to lose FOV; knowing where you’re looking could greatly optimize the rendering process of the image, to make it much clearer and make the system work on graphics cards much cheaper; but that has to be done by an expert and Pimax already knows that they would have to delegate it to another company.


The concern with losing FOV when you have eye tracking comes from the fact that you need some place to put the tracker; which could possibly block off a bit of FOV. But we really don’t know how they’d solve this. Seeing how tiny that chip is though, I don’t think we have to worry.


If Pimax only works with aGlass eyetracking, Imma go learning Chinese. Their English isn’t that great. If the Chinese don’t learn English, then I will learn Chinese…

I got a lttle bit startled when @SweViver told the FOV is going to suffer under eyetracking unit. But I read afterward that might not be the case at all. So it still might be an assumption that could be not true? Because Marcin and Cdaked are both testers in the M1 test units, I start to think the eyetracking units are not included in the M1 testunits? That is totally my own conclusion, based on what I think they assume, they are both unsure whether it has any negative results or not. They cannot state with certainty that the FOV is going to suffer or not.

I don’t really have any concerns, just that I hope the eyetracking does not interfere with any of the components of the HMD.


Eye tracking won’t reduce FOV per se depending on which device will be implemented.
But the device we have seen by Pimax so far looks that it very likely reduces FOV since it seemed like it was covering part of the lenses. This is probably :sweat_smile: what sweviver was referring to.


I’d like to know how people think the Aglass setup could be used on the 8k without loss of fov. I can’t see how it could be done.
Whereas Adhawk’s method seems like it could easily be done.
Thus my shock to see Pimax working on the Aglass.
On the surface, it defies logic.
What’s your thoughts?


If Adhawk works, it makes no sense for me to use another system that requires cameras and image processing on the PC.


Not to mention integrated eye tracking could potentially solve all distortion and IPD related issues.
(Btw i’ve got a starplayer too, lovely guitars :wink: )


@Ch4rli3_G0rd0n Yeah love at first grip :slight_smile: German gear is awesome


Because i have got no answer to my question above about an adwantage of an sli system today in fallout 4 vr, i today tried it myself.
I could not detect any improvement.
Tried with two 1080ti. Imho not worth it…


have you found any worthwhile that work ?


And jealous much very very


Nope. I play only FO4VR nowadays and did not test other games.
Afaik Nvidia Funhouse and the Serious Sam VR Series are one of the view using NVidia VrWorks-VRSLI.


There is also a star wars demo.

Raw data can use a 2nd gpu for dedicated physx processing as well as another vr title, “little enar” which uses nvidia vr works liquid, and can use physx.


Hey mates,
So once again we dive in the SLI world…
I have two 1080ti’s in SLI, and now I am really confused what to choose. I am not sure if the SLI build would help with pushing the supersampling beyond and thus giving the 8 k some advantage over the 5k plus? Please tell what do u think


I don’t think the testers have a SLI setup, though the girlfriend of Thomas @VoodooDE does seem to have a SLI rig (Thomas his old rig). I don’t know the kind of gpu though. He might be having some insight to this. I haven’t heard Martin or Sebastian talking about this setup explicitly. Maybe @Heliosurge has an idea?


Hopefully the price of 1080ti comes down after the 20xx launch. Maybe I will get another one if indeed it helps with the 8K


For full benefits of Mgpu a game needs to support it. However the game completes the work then hands off to the vr driver to complete final vr touches.

So the VR compositor might give some gains on using a mgpu on it’s side once it takes over from the game engine.

@SweViver @VoodooDE @mixedrealityTV. What are your thoughts?

I know the steamvr logs showed the steam compositor does call/use Nvidia’s Vrwerks & Amd’s liquidvr.