.109 pitool issues



So i uninstalled 103 and installed .109 and headset detected and everything fine and when i try to play a game like echo arena its unplayable as fps drops to low 20 to 30’s, tried with motion smoothing on and off and setting quality to .50 and also smaller fov and other settings and no matter what i did fps were very clunky and keeps dropping a lot, tried other game like versovr cricket game and the same issue and also tried arizona sunshine and it’s little better but not any good at all, i have 2080ti at 2000mhz oc and i7 7900x and 5 ghz oc and have latest nvidia 491.xx drivers,
can this be fixed soon, thank you. @Sean.Huang, @Matthew.Xu, @PimaxVR, @Heliosurge.