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The current progress:

Pimax 8K

Stay tuned for the pre-order campaign: http://eepurl.com/cCSair

Pimax 4K

Pimax 4K Software Wish List - leave your comment about how could we improve 4K VR experience.
We post progress report every week in the comment area of the topic.

  • PiPlay 2.0.7 (Pimax 4K driver and content platform)
    Released International version 2.0.7
    Released Date: 08/01/2018
    Announcement: English
    Downloading link: [Release]PiPlay Download
    We are always looking to improve the PIMAX VR experience, please contact us with your comments and suggestions at: support@pimaxvr.com (Email and Skype)


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Nice and thank you to move the lines of VR world faster than the other brands.

If i understand the 8k version will be available thru kickstarter only for the moment?


right you would order pimax 8k though kickstarter. before that, we basically hold testing sessions during CES and global roadshow to collect feedback.


Ok thanks.
Can you tell us if you are using fresnel lenses for the 8k version?
I don’t think it was concluding for the htc vive and the oculus.


Great news.
I got my Pimax 4k mid-December and I like this hardware. With latest firmware and piplay soft the resolution is very good. I didn’t experience any blurry effect on the lenses but have some ghost effect when moving my head (due to the display technology)

Improving the FOV is a key feature for better presence and preventing motion sickness (110° provided by oculus/vive/etc is too low).

Some key features to implement/improve for Pimax v2 (4k/8k):

-better (and easier) ipd settings.
Ipd must be set for each eye separately to be accurate (each eye is different and could have some disymetry).

-removing the vertical lines system (too visible when the scene as a bright lighting conditions)

-an improved software (maybe the highest priority)
(Pimax is really good but is interface is way far from the wow effect of the oculus interface for instance). Another option is choosing steamvr as default interface (users could make another choice but consumers could have a better first impression with steamvr at startup)

-full positional tracking (the best option could be inside-out full body positional tracking)

-wireless communication with pc/laptop for untethered experience.

(Well…too much maybe but I’m confident that it could be real in the near future)


I agree for the vertical line system (anti fog). It should be removed.

Interesting remark concerning the ipd.
The ipd is set by software so it should be doable for each eye.


yes you are right, we do use fresnel lenses for 8K


Ha, they don’t seem to have favor now in oculus and htc vive. You can see the concentric lines which is not pleasant. The theorical advantages seems to be not useful in this case.

Did you test different type of lenses before this choice? I mean non fresnel lenses?


very cool, I have passed the message to the founders, Robin and Veni (they are in the airport, about flying to vegas for CES) would be very helpful if you could share your 4K review in the discussion board of uploadvr http://uploadvr.com/pimax-4k-200-fov-headset-ces-2017/


Robin Bourianes?..

Don’t be afraid. With this type of announcement there will be a massiv affluence on this forum and your kickstarter project will encounter the success.


the CEO Robin Wong is a typical game lover. he does performance tests with the team almost everyday, and yes, including test different lenses.


Do you plan some event in Europ?


Of cooourse! and we are so excited about it : ) got some ideas but haven’t decided the route in Europ yet.


Sorry i mean Robin Bourianes because he was one of the 3 founders of InfinitEye (bought by Starbreeze) who makes the StarVR (with Lionel Anton and Stephane Portes). Kind of same headset with 200° FOV.

Your CEO is smart to go fast like that. The market is huge and the first ones will make a lot of money.
Microsoft, LG , Samsung are now on the board too which tell a lot.


Any idea of the kickstarter price?


not yet, we are discussing on the normal retail price…and then cut the normal price for kickstarter.


Perfect, give me time to find the funds, after christmas… lol


short review posted…now:)


The 8k looks very promising. When will the Kickstart campaign launch and when and where will the testing sessions be in the US?