2 months waiting for replacement



I have received Pimax 5k+ in mid November. No tracking, nothing, just showed to the door.

Upon starting it, I found out unit was faulty. Screens inside were showing white snow, then horizontal lines, then it went off completely. I have tried troubleshooting with help from people from forum. No luck.

Sent a video of issue to support.

They have asked me to ship headset and all the contents of the box to UK warehouse. I shipped, from tracking I saw that it has arrived few days later (from Finland).

Then the long wait began. It took two weeks for Pimax Support to confirm they received faulty headset. Then another two weeks, to tell me I will get a replacement.

On December 17th I have received message: “Hi friend, We have arranged your package on the way to the warehouse and will update you the final tracking number. Please be patient.
Have a nice day!”

Just before new year I asked again. Got reply on Jan 4th: “Sorry for the delay. We will arrange for a spare headset to replace it. Please be patient.”

Another two weeks of silence, even though I ask once a week about the progress.

On Jan 16th, I get message: “We’re very sorry for the headset issue you have occurred.
The issue may caused by the DP cable. We will ship one replacement cable for you. If the issue still exists, and we will send a new replacement headset for you.”

Note that I have shipped broken headset to warehouse nearly two months ago, so what use I have for the cable?

I reply explaining again the whole situation.

On Jan 20th I get reply: “i have checked internally, headset have been shipped. Please acknowledge it. tks support pimax!”

Yeah, I acknowledge it. I immediately ask for the tracking number, because it seems you cannot trust what support tells you. And now it has been silent for 4 days already.

I want to note, I am a patient person, I am ready to accept if they say “Hey, we need to do some extra QA, it might take a few weeks”. But when they tell me multiple times that headset is on the way, and then that its not yet ready, that makes me doubt them. I really hope they improve.

Also they didnt agree to cover shipping cost of broken headset.

TL DR: Got broken 5k+ in November , sent it back, was promised replacement multiple times, still waiting.

Initial thread is here: 5k Plus screens are always blank

[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?

Can you post your support number?

So @Dallas.Hao can kook into it.

Also please add him to earlybackers


Hi, I dont have a ticket, all the communication was done through email with support@pimax.com
Thread Has currently has 34 replies. I can share name, email, and address, but am not comfortable to do it publicly.


Click on @Dallas.Hao name & send him a private message.


Hoping this can be resolved quicker now


Sorry for the trouble.

Please check your PM, I need your question number in service desk to check the record and follow this for you.


Forwarded it to you both in pm and email


Asked for an update in the morning, still no reply (it is after-hours in China already)



Still no reply. @ALAN.SUN was added to discussion 10 hours ago, but no one said anything.


Did you logon to your support desk account? Reason ask is some were replying to notification email.

@Dallas.Hao can you assist.


What do you mean by “Support desk account”? Isn’t this a support desk account?


Pimax make a three different account.

Maybe you need

1.Pimax forum account
2.Pimax store account
3.Pimax support account

It’s wierd. But it’s true.


Ok, created support account as well.


I wish you best of luck.


Still waiting for any response from @Dallas.Hao and @Alan.sun


Aaand, it’s Monday. Knowing that holidays started, I dont expect any response till next week, or maybe even later. Happy Lunar New Year!


Holidays are over, sent pm to @Dallas.Hao and @Alan.sun
No reply for 12 days and counting (including days off)


In exactly the same boat,as is our replacement(probably).last communication i got was 17 days ago when it was onvits way tracking will be sent shortly be patient.today it would be nice to actually get a reply


Two weeks past last interactions with me. This is ridiculous. Just tell me anything.


Exactly same here last interaction was 17 days ago for my replacement was told next shipment so fingers crossed