2 months waiting for replacement



Atleast you heard back from them, I received my pimax 5k+ and turned it on the next day to find the cable was damaged, I sent a video of the display flickering on and off as I moved the cable around and haven’t heard anything in the last 4 weeks, my help desk # is supen-1536 I’m really disapointed as I built a monster pc just for the pimax and have yet to even use it.


@Dallas.Hao can you add to earlybackers.

@Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu can you assist this gentleman.


So after telling me my replacement is now on its way(another lie) 3 weeks ago,ive just received an email saying my first on e has to be returned first ffs,like i trust pumax not to mess this up and end up with no headset,pimax your doomed and dead to me


I have received the same mail, but as I said in original post, I HAVE RETURNED IT IN NOVEMBER. Pimax support has CONFIRMED they have received it in NOVEMBER. I just need a replacement. ;(


I have received yet another email asking me to ship broken headset. Seems like support is not even reading emails. PMed @Dallas.Hao @Alan.sun @Sean.Huang


@PimaxUSA can you help him out? He’s clearly getting nowhere currently.


WOW excussme but fuuck


I got email from Leon from marketing team : The logistics department will double check the return order. Once it has been confirmed in the warehouse. Sean will arrange a replacement for you.

Sounds nice, but at this point I doubt every word coming from Pimax team. Give me tracking number, then we will talk.


Definitely not a good situation. When you shipped the headset back you had a tracking number?


This is crazy…wish you all the luck


Yes, I have provided tracking number multiple times already. But it seems they want to confirm it yet again…


I had high hopes for pimax customer support, it seemed great months ago. Now, no difference to the HTC shit show.


Pimax communication is f***ing horrible. I’ve sent countless emails, personal messages, comments on suppen And know one will give me the time of day. I want to talk to @PimaxUSA about the process of returning my headset but he won’t respond to any of my posts or personal messages. All I’m asking for is a few minutes of his time to clarify this process but I guess that’s to much to ask.:rage:


How many messages do you think there mailboxes have each?

Yes I agree it sucks.


@Heliosurge they respond immediately to you whenever someone hurts your feelings and and threatens to ban them from the forum, so spare me you B.S.


That’s news to me. As usually until very recently I was pretty much the only person taking care of flag posts & post approvals.

I can say accurately that 97% of the time it was me responding to these things.

So in all due respect spare me the nonsense. For the record no one has hurt my feelings as I know how to not take things personally.


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Please be advised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, sent another PM to @Sean.Huang and Leon. No response.


Hmm, well I have a YouTube channel about VR, would it help to create a video describing in detail how horrible is support doing? With screenshots of emails, all the times when Support said “we checked internally, it is shipped” when it wasnt, with the timeline (which is closing to 3 months already)? Seeing how quickly support replaces headset of big YouTubers, is that the only way forward for me?