2 months waiting for replacement



I am in the same boat, they sent me a new headset with same problem and I returned both.
Now I have nothing and still waiting since 22 January for a reply to my ticket SUPEN-659



It depends on whether that youtube channel is to try to climb up companies bums to get free stuff or whether it’s to inform the vr community.
If you genuinely want to inform people then why would you not disclose your experience?
Everyone is worried about feelings but not at all concerned about truth. It’s not a good thing.


I also am waiting to finalize an RMA. This complete lack of response seems almost like a coordinated effort at Pimax. I’m sensing stalling tactics here… or self destruction.

What the heck is going on Pimax !!!

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Well it’s 7am in china. And there trying to catchup. Hopefully soon you a response.


Got reply from @Sean.Huang

We have checked it internally, and UK warehouse have received this issue headset.
We will arrange to send the replacement headset asap.
Once we get the tracking number, and will give it to you. "

Lets see if its true this time…


Asked for updates…


I was told by Sean last week that my headset was sent out and I would be given a tracking number “next monday”, but I am still waiting for that number in a reply to my unanswered emails.
The fact that they gave a specific day and seemingly ignored it makes it rather irritating.


I have made a video, and added English subtitles for your convenience. https://youtu.be/o7Ag_vSG1Ds

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That’s totally unacceptable. As much as I love the headset itself, pimax is struggling to tell the truth alot of times.


I had my broken Pimax 5k collected on Monday a week ago. It’s been a month in total and I have not received my replacement or information about the package. I got DPD message at 31.1 but it seems Pimax has not sent replacement unit to DPD just yet. Watching what you have been going trough makes me think if I have to wait for another month for replacement unit.

There was messaging back and forth from Pimax’s end after the holidays for them did end, I was hopeful of getting updates at least once a week of how it’s going regarding if I am able to get new unit within a month.

Update: Just got a message that my broken headset has been received by Pimax and new one is going to be send by the end of this week. So I should finally get replacement around next week hopefully.


Another Monday has passed by while I’m waiting for the tracking number that was supposed to come “next” Monday. :confused:


Finally got an email reply on this third Monday since the original claim that my headset was sent out. Turns out they did not send one yet but will do so “by this week”. I guess we will see if that is true.

Hope you can get an update too.


I finally got the replacement 5k+ today! After an hour of trying to make it work, it finally showed something on a screen. Interesting how the replacement was sent out next day after I published complaining video…


My support ticket had a bunch of rapid status changes before being closed…
Your request status changed to HMD Replacement Service .Thursday 20:44
Your request status changed to Waiting for issue HMD return .Thursday 20:44
Your request status changed to Get the issue HMD and shipping the replacement .Thursday 20:46
Your request status changed to HMD Replacement received .Thursday 20:46
Your request status changed to RESOLVED with resolution 完成 .Thursday 20:47

Am I misunderstanding these or do they think I already got a replacement? As far as I’m aware they still have not sent anything…

Edit: They finally sent the headset out the next week after I inquired about it…