~2 more available beta tester slots?


I vote for @sjefdeklerk


My vote @sjefdeklerk


Okay folks I think were losing sight of things. As @risa2000 has said pimax stated the requirements.

Most importantly that Testers would be backers. Truth there are more than enough backers that will fit to be quality testers within the requirements stated.

They did originally say 10 test units & that at present they have 8 confirmed Testers with 2 remaining. Now we can suggest & reccommend backers; but ultimately the team will choose.



My vote also goes for the really annoying @sjefdeklerk :grin:


I wonder about 5K testers !!!


Hi folks, maybe some of you know me a little, because I posted some picture through the lense of my Vive Pro! The Pro is really a good step in the right direction, except the pricing!

So I really hope pimax will be successful with their Pimax 8k & 5k.
Both of them I backed as an early bird.

Since december 2013 I´m running the german community forum for Elite Dangerous: www.elitedangerous.de

During the alpha stage of Elite Dangerous I played with my DK2.
So I also create a VR-part in the community Forum:
To my mind Elite Dangerous was the first professional VR-Titel on the market and I still love this game.

Two years later I switched to the Vive and some days ago my Vive Pro arrived.

So I´m not a professional VR developer or a great youtuber, I´m “only” an enthusiastic spacecaptain, a swordman, a mage or whatever I want to be :wink:

If I get a chance to test the M1, I will focus on Elite Dangerous & Skyrim VR.
Above that I have another around 90 titels in my steam account to play with and to compare with the other mentioned headsets.


What slots? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more. :wink:


Hello everyone!

I would love to be part of the M1 tester team.

"Who are you?"
I am VR game dev (in the video games industry since 1996), technical artist, that has been creating since 2011 his own Universe, and switched to VR as soon as Oculus KS was a success.
Since then I have been traveling to the US to meet all the people from the VR community and interact, grow together and do everything I can to make sure VR is a success and heads in the right direction!
More info here:

http://entervr.net/synthesis-universe-embodiment-poetic-mind-virtual-reality/ (Oct 2014!)

M1 testing requires people that can hunt/track and identify bugs, hardware and software, not only “review” them.

I am a dev and use Unreal Engine 4 (since UDK, 2010) , so I can run special “level” to test and analyze the reason for a bug/defect/lens distortion etc…
I’ve been demoing all over the world and have tremendous user experience (Full time 100%VR since 2013).
Tried pretty much every VR headset out there, even StarVR (back in 2016 at e3 and in Tokyo last December), and use them everyday, for long period of time (my longest session was about 10h straight)
I have multiple system (3) to try the HMD on to make sure a good range of PC configuration can runs it. (From GTX 980 and above)
It’s easy for me to run comparative test on the same content (that I make), test performance on every aspect.

Last world for the TLDR?
You need actual real VR Dev to make sure P8K reach it’s full potential.
Please let me help, I’ve been making my own VR Universe and I am tired of low FOV googly effect, I want to have Synthesis Universe “hi FOV” ready for you guys.

Also I am in Paris/France, we need some VR love over there!

IF this happens and Pimax and you will have me, I will be able to demo during GamesCom in August. (and sooner depending of Pimax NDA/release etc…)


Cdaked and sjefdeklerk get my vote :+1:


Yep. This is old news. I think Pimax emailed it as an email because it was brought up that many were still going to Kickstarter for updates. It is my impression the have settled on 8.

"We have eight testers on board. The selected testers are actively preparing for the closed beta testing. They have already started to contribute thoughts to us in terms of how to improve the testing process, and how to make the community satisfied with the final product. "

Without confirmation, I find this thread misleading and also leading to the same BS and in-fighting about who should be a tester.
@Heliosurge please have this clarified before this becomes another crap storm.


This was in the latest KS update


Yes and it is the same wording as an early update posted here.


Not correct,not old news, this is still going:

“There will be around ten testing units in total, to account for
availability of headsets and manageability of the program. We have eight
testers on board so far.”

You removed the important “so far” (for some reasons…)

The e-mail was today as is asking for candidates!



The KS update has some additional wording though… I’m sure its just to give Kickstarters a proper update rather than one lost into the abyss of the forums, so same news but tweaked.


This “so far” was a month ago; I think that they have “copypasted” the same text. And they also wrote “around ten” prototypes. Eight is “around ten” prototypes.

Keep trying, who knows? but I think that all testers have been selected almost one month ago, and all this is just a misunderstanding.


It is a summary of more than one of the updates that have been posted here. I suspect it is to catch people up that have been looking only to KS for updates and therefore some of the info is obsolete. if this is the case it wasn’t thought out very well when crafted from older info.
I see no update adding two more openings in this forum by @xunshu hence my request for clarification.


I vote sjefdeklerk and Cdaked … community leaders!


Yeah hope so too (the misunderstanding), I got that e-mail today, I really want to help them and make sure Pimax gets where I needs it to be.

I just hope it’s not a majority of Youtubers/Reviewers doing the testing…


my vote for @doublefrag cause of my interesst in simulations like ED and his unbroken belive in VR since DK2