~2 more available beta tester slots?


Simply put by requirement not a backer & can wait til its released.


I dont think it’s that he dosnt like VR. He’s just not impressed by the 1st gen specs


Okay folks at this stage if there are open spots for testing:

@OlivierJT would be a great choice on the developer side & @Pumcy (from Tom’s Hardware) has also endorsed. Not to disrespect other Devs that may be equally qualified.

@sjefdeklerk would be a good candidate to consider due to his work on the VR Committee (Community Leader) & his contributions & support. That being said the Team should consider adding him to the Closed Beta Discusion Group even if a headset is unavailable as he is well respected & can offer valuable input either way.



After further analysis I am not sure whether it is a solicitation or not. You may be right given that they stuck this paragraph in the middle of their March 25 -M1 Closed Beta post is what leads to the confusion:

"A tester should meet the criteria as below:

  • Pimax 8K Kickstarter backer
  • Trusted community leader, professional reviewer, or both
    There will be around ten testing units in total, to account for availability of headsets and manageability of the program. We have eight testers on board so far. The testers are recommended by Pimax community members in the forum: forum.pimaxvr.com. They have already started to contribute thoughts to us in terms of how to improve the testing process, and how to make the community satisfied with the final product."

If they are not looking to adding a couple more testers, it was a stupid way to go about the email. I suppose nothing in Pimax communications should surprise us by now, though. Given they did an edit to the Mar 30 update rather than start a new post causing some to almost miss the new info, I am staring to get that old familiar headache. Sheesh


The Email as i said on one side could simply be doing something that has been requested numerous times to use The ks update. Especially since not all backed receiving a headset & simply want to be informed of the project.

Now we in the community had already been informed. To my discredit I saw the Op’s title & skimmed the update. With 10 in mind, I didn’t read carefully enough the email.

Where as both you & @Cdaked were more diligent & pointed out the potenial wrong conclusions. And that us top notch. Truth english is often misleading due to word choices even for those of us who are native to the language.

Now I have been meaning to congratulate you on an awesome contribution. (It would have helped me in the early days of the campaign lol)

Folks wanting a different way to see the Teams messages can simply use ther User profile in the Forums. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles::mushroom:


When we move on to the mass production stage, we will have relatively unlimited supply. However, for M1, we have limited supply of components. To give a more precise number of M1, we need to test each component first to make sure each part works well.

We have invited 9 backers and get 8 confirmed testers. We will include more if there are more M1 available.

We are grateful to find so many talented and passionate backers in the forum, in fact we have recorded all the nominated backers in a list along with the reasons why they should be chosen. If we can, we would send each one of you a unit to do test and give feedback :slight_smile:
We will ship M1 units as soon as they are ready, and then disclose the name of the testers in the forum once testers have received the units.

5K/8K Official Updates

Thank you for your clarification, @xunshu. As you can imagine, we are all “on pins and needles” waiting for the reviews and our own headsets. However, as impatient as I feel sometimes, I want to reiterate that I want you to take as much time as is necessary, to ensure that the Pimax 8K is a great product.


I’m not sure if you’ve picked the final testers, but I’d like to jump into the pool!

I run a virtual reality gaming group - http://AustinVirtualLeague.com - We’ve put over 1000 people in quality VR multiplayer gaming since we started last year. We ran a competition at dreamhack & last month at SXSW.

I’ve been developing VR with the Vive since 2015, and with 3D projectors and razer hydra controllers before that.

While I’m not a huge online personality, I am a highly active in getting VR out to people in real life!


Hi @xunshu, thanks for the intermediate update.

Can you let us know how your internal testing of the trial assembly units and their respective components is faring so far and if you expect to still ship those units to beta testers this month (April 2018)?


Tho why can’t you have unlimited supplies NOW? Whats this difference with now vs then?


Just a thought, but even if Pimax got 2 units „left“ they for sure might wanna keep em or at least one for further tests inside the company during test period. I mean if tester xy finds an issue they need the same m1 device to recheck and act accordingly. Hell yes, there are more awesome and qualified testers out there but I guess that‘s how it is. just my 2 cents…


Having unlimited supplies would mean they have finalized everything and it’s a full production environment producing those parts. Right now they are testing things and getting feedback, so not everything is finalized.

Imagine if they did set up a full-scale production-level contract for a certain part, and testing ended up showing that they needed major changes to that part, or possibly getting an alternative from a completely different supplier.


Don’t have to imagine… that’s exactly what happened to the Kickstarter project Zano… they collected millions in cash from Kickstarter backers and this company pre-ordered all the inventory only to later learn their design was flawed but didn’t have enough cash to re-order the correct inventory and went under. 12 thousand people were screwed!!!


Wow… that’s awful.

I do R&D for camera rigs to shoot VR content. One major problem I run into is trying to only get a small number of components. I had a lens company offer to engineer and create the exact lenses we would need for a particular camera’s sensor, with a huge retooling cost and a minimum order quantity of 20000. I replied that I only really need like six, heh.

Not surprised there would be such a low number of M1 units available. Also not surprising if they didn’t actually know the exact number that would be working by the time testing started :stuck_out_tongue:


“we need to test each component first to make sure each part works well.”


Starting to get the delivery day jitters again ,i hope this go,s smoothly and of course quickly ,i know nothing and i still know nothing ,would of loved to have been a tester just to try, but im not worthy and im still getting over the disaster that was fallout 4 vr.
I need something good ,we need something good in our vr lives .please dont let linus test this he,s only 2D and has no legs for this ,HA HA
I still like sweviver for this


Hi, I’m am interested in participating in the closed beta. I am a computer graphics professional with 20+ years of experience in R&D. I have a phD, did a postdoctorate in the field and have many refereed publications (some of which are included in current graphics textbooks). This is me:
I have been a reviewer for Siggraph and other publications for many years now and can offer technical reviews here. I’m also an 8k backer and wildly interested to help in any way I can. I have access to basically all current VR hardware and GPU’s with which to test this as well as having a number of other graphics professionals who want to help me evaluate this. Thanks very much!


I am Matvey and I am an editor & writer for Worket (http://worket.net/, https://vk.com/worket). We are Russian Media about technology. We post news regularly. We love what Pimax is doing with virtual reality market. I am writing to see if you would like us to help you test, and review Pimax 8k M1.
We write everything on our website and VK group with 42.3k followers. All of our readers are Russian speakers located mostly in Russia and the United States.
I know our readers would love to read our review of your awesome VR Headset.
We can really help you with testing of the Pimax 8k to make the consumer version perfect. Personally, I am baker 672. I am following pimax since the start of development of the pimax 4K. I got into VR since oculus DK1. I have tried many different headsets (oculus DK1, oculus DK2, oculus rift, HTC Vive pre, HTC Vive, StarVR, Pimax 4K, Sony PlayStation VR…). Currently I own oculus rift, Samsung gear vr, and google cardboard. Before that, I had HTC Vive for half a year. I am truly believe that I can help you with testing, so you can finally release a headset that is totally different from what we have seen during these 3 years. Also I have GTX 1070 and 1080.


You said earlier that Q2 was still intended as the date of sending the headset to the backers. In order to have maintained this estimate, what is the expected end date that you are considering as feedback from beta testers?


I want to be tester because I don’t have oculus rift, vive, mixed reality, psvr, pimax 4k, starvr because I am a poor man. #MercyPlease