2080ti nvlink sli



DX12 has.explicit multi gpu as an option for any developer, and this method does not suffer.from the same issues as SLI/Crossfire.

The problem is that multi GPU systems are getting redundant from a price to perf standpoint when all factors are considered.

So, as an example, if you could run 2 Vanilla RTX 2060 (non super cards) you would have the same number of cores/ROPs as a 2080 TI, but with less ram, 70% scaling, and priced at $700.

Granted $700 is cheaper than $1200 but when you examine Nvidia’s leaked share holder memo, they literally just priced everything up a tier.

IE $1200 2080 TI is what the $700 2080 would have been, and it could have sold for $700, with a decent ROI prior to the crypto boom.

IE same price whether single high end chip or dual low end chip, where the multi GPU option offers no guarantee of extra performance.

Nvidia have just gone insane on prices.

If you can afford $700 then you can get 1 single 2080 that will always work better in all games, without requiring more effort from Devs.


True but two 2080ti will hold more power then a single one - that’s the point. But you are right it’s a trade off - none the less even the standard features for boosting FPS in VR are not often used, combined with Multi GPU … and getting even „just“ 60% more often means 90 FPS instead of the lower values.


I had 2×7950 3g CF. It worked well for VR as a single card VR vid & aps wouls crash. Steamvr perf test 1.0(single card Red) CF hit 3.5 average & everything ran well. But Amd more friendly with mgpu on card models than Nvidia.


Hmm since today I’m experiencing another downside of SLI. My PC is crashing now after a while, it just reboots. I highly doubt it’s because of my power supply, since it’s not even passing 650W on my 850W Corsair. But the cards are getting damn hot (over 85 degrees) and I think they’re overheating. My computer case isn’t very suitable for this setup since there’s almost no space between the bottom card and the power supply. Also there’s no free slot between the two cards so everything is really tight and I think this is causing the reboots. Going to try later this week with some extra fans to the sides of the cards, maybe they can suck out some heat.

But honestly, for a serious SLI setup you need a HUGE case and preferably a mainboard with a free slot between the cards. Which btw I dont think even exists (so 3 slots spacing between the cards, since the 2080TI is 3 slots). Also I just checked some cases, didnt see any case that has empty space below where the 2nd card ends. So cooling is a problem for sure


Essentially you need an Eatx? Case or one that uses or supports Riser Cables.

Power supply though could still be a cause if 12v Rail(s) don’t have enough amps.

Try Extreme psu calculator.


Yeah get at least a 1kW PSU.
The cooling will be a problem still. My advice sell the second rtx, if you’re not interested in building a custom watercooling.


Yeah I guess water cooling the 2080TI’s is the only option. Here they just did that, watercooling 2x2080TI in SLI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RrfKkfep9o

But I don’t have any water cooling at the moment so setting up something like this will set me back more than $500 more. And it all adds up for basically just playing Serious Sam, LOL. And I even might have done that, but then still that negative scaling is a pain in the a$$,

I’m starting to think to just dial back the settings a bit and sell the extra RTX indeed. Hopefully the rumors are true that we’ll soon see a faster GPU than the 2080TI.


I’d buy a second 2080 Ti tomorrow is it was better in games like Elite and Onward


So how are you getting on with VR sickness? You always mentioned you were susceptible to that. Isn’t Serious Sam one of the most sickness inducing games you can get :slight_smile: Or does the high framerate really help?


Put your pc in another a joining room with AC


Zero VR sickness so far. But I have played primarily Serious Sam Last Hope which is a wave shooter. I just bought dirt rally 2.0 though, racing games would always induce VR sickness (never really could play them without feeling sick) so I’ll let you know how this goes :slight_smile:


Defiantly keen to hear your thoughts on dirt rally! It’s my number one issue with VR to date. Elite dangerous no problem, Driving sims I get instantly sick. I don’t think glare would be an issue for that so you should get the full benefit??


Yeah, nausea can be a huge barrier to enjoyment. I get seasick, so I avoid boats. I’ve been lucky with VR, no nausea, even though this is my first HMD. Nausea is complicated; I’ve seen conflicting reports on framerate and FOV vs VR nausea.


You should try Distance, Redout and or Vector 36 to test potenial motion sickness. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Would be nice if some Devs would incorporate one graphics card per eye/screen. I’d buy another one. We need them framerates and supersampling!


Well I tried it with Dirt Rally, I tried both 90 hz, 120 hz and 144 hz (144 is difficult to sustain though, even on lowest quality) and it’s all the same. I get almost instantly VR sick with Dirt Rally. Maybe it’s slightly better on 144 hz, but I still can’t play it.

Maybe we need something like: https://uploadvr.com/ototech-vibrating-headband-vr-sickness/

I do think it’s what they say "Motion sickness is caused when the balance signals from your inner ear disagree with the visual signals from your eyes. " I have a feeling that that’s exactly what’s happening, it happens when you see things turning quickly, while you’re body is noticing nothing at all.


Nvlink has the theoretical bandwidth to support alternate frame rendering on vr I believe. You should try making a control panel profile for a non SLI supported game and see if you get speedup.


Man that’s a pity. I was really hoping low persistence would be the silver bullet. Sounds like I’ll be using a projector for the driving stuff


You can overcome vr sickness eventually tho, first time i played dirt rally it felt like i was being sucked into a blackhole🤭 now not so much.

You get more resistant to it by playing driving games and stop as soon as you get dizzy and thats it for the day no more.

Also helps with losing weight coz you wont feel like eating for the day🤣


LTT posted a video about SLI/Crossfire a few days ago, if anyones interested.