2080ti nvlink sli



yes…I have slight issues with motion sickness in racing games in general but Redout is the meanest SOB, one minute made me feel seriosly ill for about an hour. I think only people with super powers can take it.


Damn Hate being a Mutant. Lol

But is one of the few games Standing while pkaying not as easy. Lol


Personally I can play Dirt Rally 2.0 long hours in 72 hz mode even with my monition platform. There is one trick which can help you - in game option find “lock view to horizon” something like that. The second trick which might help is purchase hardware with vibration under your butt - like pads https://eu.realteus.com/ or bass shakers.

I have grown my iron stomach thanks to Elite Dangerous ( more than 2000 hours in Vive OG including ED Arena with fighters dogfight - these little ones spinning a lot :slight_smile: )
I feel bad only when fps drops below 40. So I avoid such situations and keeping stable.


Seems like motion sickness is very individual. For example I have motion sickness mostly when I can move & especially turn freely like in Skyrim, Space Engine and similar can induce it, sometimes quite strong. Redout I played for ~30 hours (sometimes few hours staright) and never felt motion sickness at all. Ironically I think I would feel strong motion sickness if it was for real…


Fun story got really sick yesterday playing Skyrim and that was with the Index!
Until that never got any discomfort with the Index, but yesterday I noticed (when started to feel sick) that the FPS had dropped too low, so that explains.

BTW using 144hz with forced smoothing so 72fps, but if the PC cant keep up with 72fps then in some point steamvr halves (or so) even that.

Edit. So tldr like @sjefdeklerk said we need more gpu horsepower, like twice amount of 2080ti. FACT


@sjefdeklerk have you tried this before? I was going to suggest it


I’ve been contemplating that , is it not feasible ??/


No, haven’t tried it and already returned Dirt Rally to the Steam store, so can’t try it.

Well that’s a good question :slight_smile: The thing is that the mainboard is attached to some plate and on the other side of the plate are the panels. The mainboard and panels are attached to each other with some flat cables and they’re very precise in length. So even moving them 1 mm will put some force on them. I applied just too much force and the cable broke. However I’m still thinking 'what if I had just applied a BIT less force", I’m even still considering rebuying the Index to try, since it seems it’s our only hope for 2k * 2k gaming this year (I dont believe the 8k-x will be out this year). But then again, man it’s not easy and there’s a good chance to ruin your hmd. So ruining two times an index hmd, lol, now THAT would be a waste of money.


Actually @dillanski I just took another good look at the hardware and cable and no, I don’t think it’s feasible. The cable is just too damn weak, I’m pretty sure it will just snap again.


Thanks for the heads up , I’ll leave it in one piece ,
I did successfully do that trick to the old lenovo wmr headset but still get a bit of eye strain from it after a long session because it’s too difficult to get both panels exactly lined up and something is still not quite right .
Wait for the concept ojo I suppose


Well, if that ever gets released. @mixedrealityTV talked to Acer last week and they told him that it won’t be released any time soon (or at all) in germany. Which probably translates to whole of Europe and possibly even at all…

Also I’m checking daily https://fccid.io/A3L to see if Samsung registered a new headset but so far also nothing …


We can be pissed all we want but I am still amazed nobody is pushing like pimax did. I know it’s all about the :moneybag: - but still …


You are not alone :grin::+1:t3:


Yeah, why isn’t nVidia or AMD pushing VR? Not necessarily to build actual HMDs, but to push VR manufacturers to push the boundaries, so users want more GPU, which means more video card sales.


I think Nvidia is more interested in their short term insane price markups then in driving GPUs forward for gamers.

All their steam for years has been going for autonamous cars, servers, and AI. Gamers get the leftovers now.

I mean, 8K displays are on the horizon, 4K 144hz displays are available, and yet the $1200 card cant even guarantee 4k 60 on every game with its signature feature.

Ampere 7nm EUV will likely give us another 30% on the high end. Im just hoping they dont double the price again.


Your are right at that,
but technically its not all that easy as we are hitting areas where the typicall shrink and ramp up the Hz ist not working as easily anymore - none the less, I love RTX and think its the right way - but for that price it should have been at least 90fps at 4k all cranked up and i thing its time to investigate in other means to speed up - which might not be as profitable since you have to do some deep R&D in that area - which only costs at first with no garanty it will bring giant ROI. But at least we got RTX, imho ( I know lots of people hate it) its better then just a few Hz more here and a couple of cores added there.


I dont hate RTX, but to me its just not ready yet. I love the idea of path tracing for accurate lighting, shadows, reflections, refraction, accurate materials, etc.

I know the tech is really cool, but I got really sad when RTX for Asseto Corsa got put on the back burner.

A racing game to me seems like it would benefit most from RTX.


OH yeah - Assetto Comp is kind of sad story - I was hyped when the went VR and RTX - none of those really got the love they need - at least the Unreal Engine is opting in for that - maybe they can use it that way at least.
Some Games really look damn fine with RTX - I noticed it most going back to none RTX and found that more often then not none RTX looked wrongish where RTX did look more convincing.


Indeed many still miss the fact pimax hit 90 hz on the 5k. Where StarVR One decreased res considerably to hit 90hz & Xtal at 5k is 70hz?


Yeah. They are hitting the end of Moore’s law. Getting harder and harder to do die shrinks.

It’s why they went for AI upscalling. They are trying to find new ways to squeeze performance.