2080ti nvlink sli



I often wonder what we could do with today’s technology if we weren’t afraid to use huge dies and insanely high voltages. Go back to 80s and 90s engineering principles where cases can be huge and everything over engineered and nuts. lol

Think about how much more power a phone could squeeze if it were the size of an OG walkie Talkie or Game boy! lmao

my favorite example is my old Gear VR innovator. Everyone had overheating issues with it and complained about battery life. I stuck a huge battery and a fan on that sucker, no more issues.

Moore’s law is slowing, but I think the design aesthetics of devices thin as paper are making us lose performance unnecessarily. We do know for example that if you have a Game Boy shell, you can stick a raspberry Pi in it, and it can run without over heating. That is insane lol


i would love to see a dual GPU where the chips are on both sides of the board, and are linked with infinity fabric. Slap two Radeon VII class cards on a PCB, make sure the PC sees one giant GPU, voila!


Like the old dual GPUs that once already where there