230 units are already made?


Tried to find it, can you link it please?



If you’re referring to the ‘Lens’ video, you must be a Patreon member to see it.

For the record, if the video contains any info on the M2, which he has been given the privilege to test by Pimax (and the community), him hiding it behind a Patreon ‘paywall’ is highly unethical.


There is no footage of M2 he’s only talking about that magic leap or hololens thing


Good. Thanks for the clarification.


No problem btw I dont think he has M2 yet I dont see any videos of him saying this from what I’ve seen


Classic MRTV bait. I bet the M2 only has minor changes


No, I’m referring to the one that says “Mystery Unboxing Part 2 (M2 Unboxing)”


Have to say I imagine a complete retooling at this point (and that quickly) kind of unlikely – would more expect a slight change to the plastic mixture, for a less brittle material - hopefully without affecting its IR translucency. :stuck_out_tongue:

A thicker shell would be the obvious knee-jerk response, but I’m sure none of us would want a heavier HMD.

At any rate, we can probably forget about proper per-unit calibration on the first several batches, given the: “We have tools only now, and have been eyeballing it up until now” admission from last update. :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“jojon, post:29, topic:7398, full:true”]
Have to say I imagine a complete retooling at this point (and that quickly) kind of unlikely[/quote]
True, but a complete retooling is unnecessary. All that needs to happen is that part of the inner surface mold needs to be ground away, to thicken the corners. It’s a straight-forward tweak, which should take a day or two at most. Since this change is on the inside of the housing (where it’s not visible), no polishing or surface treatment is required.


M2 is not yet tested by anyone of us, afaik.


Thanks for clarifying this Martin :beers:

Hey what do you think of the Star VR announcement

The rigid headset strap in the picture looks like the Rift style strap

This is a big development! Acer has been backing these guys and sounds like they are stepping away from the IMAX exclusive. With all their experience this would be a huge competitor in to Pimax. If they use the right lenses and a more realistic FOV we could all be in for a great headset


I tried the StarVR and it was very blah. Poor stereo overlap, washed out colors and contrast, heavy, and uncomfortable. Obviously, that doesn’t mean they can’t make improvements with what looks like a new version, but I wonder about the price point. The only way they are going to compete with Pimax is if they cheap out on the components just like Pimax mom and pop operation. If it’s a US sold headset, it’s going to cost $1k, with all the distribution, marketing, and contract costs to bring it to the US.

I don’t think correctly made wide fov consumer headsets are possible yet, but it will be interesting to see how both the market, and other companies respond to two companies claiming high fov. How does a company like Oculus show that hey, those two companies technically have a high fov, but it’s not correct. Would a company resort to calling out another company for building low quality VR? Doesn’t seem like the best strategy to talk bad about another company, but how do you explain that your own product won’t have the same specs?


You talk about features you have, that they don’t (OLED), you mention that hi-res and hi-FOV require an 1180+ GPU (big $s), you push your lower-priced headset out to the masses, etc.


I still really hope that if the M2 is greenlit and becomes the final production version; that the NDA on that will be lifted. NDA on M1 should stay, that’s fine. We don’t really need reviews on an outdated version. But when the final hardware is out, that should be getting public reviews. (notice I said hardware, not software)


Star VR could release anything at this point. After the Acer joint venture they could have been working on a consumer consumer HMD for years with unlimited funds. The only difference is that Pimax has been openly showing their prototypes to the public

Look at it this way, The 8K specs have basically been reduced to shreds over the past year. Lenses that only make use of 50% of the 4K panel. Lower refresh rate, Smaller FOV software introduced due to distortions, No sign of the deluxe headstrap, No proof of a wide FOV eye tracking module. No sign of the wireless transmitter No evidence of brainwarp whatsoever and now their telling everyone just to buy a 5K ??

It wouldn’t take much for Star VR to match or beat the specs of the Pimax 8K


StarVR is only “5k” & lots of ppl have remarked on its issues. But yes could be interesting on the 5k front.

Acer i beleive now pretty much owns it all now.

As for 8k specs being shredded; how do you figure?

The only thing I have seen is new features added that offer less fov options for compatabilities.


There is more than 2 companies sporting hi FoV headsets. Lol

Pimax, StarVR, Panasonic, HeroVR, Xtal, Wearability.

Now only pimax & maybe in the near future Acer might release a consumer StarVR. So your a bit outdated on info.

Oculus & such are focused on the cheap mass market opposed to the high end market.


We have no idea what they will launch. Your talking about their current 5K model


Not for anything but I’m sort of mad at starvr for a few reasons. Number one, they own the devs of payday and payday 2 and while they did push them to port payday 2 to vr they never finished it, and they haven’t even started working on the walking dead in vr yet. Overkill is supposed to be pushing vr forward. Hopefully they get on them about it because I love payday and the walking dead would be awesome in vr. My second gripe is them dangling star vr for two years with no means of a consumer buying one if they wanted. If they are in fact going consumer, thank you pimax for being the bold one. I still think the upscale chip is a really innovative way to bring high res vr to consumers. My only wish is that one day we get depth buffer reprojection (aside from brainwarp which I hope we get sooner).