230 units are already made?


Yes it should br interesting. Wonder how much their business model sold for.

I could see them putting upgrades to make it a consumer version. Ie fixing ergonomics since it will be bring used by 1 user for more than 15m.


There is Vid called " Mystery Unboxing Part 2 (M2 Unboxing)
The Big Unboxing!!!" created 27 of Jully


‘I’m so excited!’ ‘I’m waiting!’ ‘You have doubt? You are enemy from competition!’ WHAAAT?? This is not a forum! This is kissing Pimax a… PR B.S. A year after release date they are preparing to make 300 units in next months??? 300 units? For what? For show in 2019? And those timelines without a specific time… This product turned to be a joke. They have plans to release full working product (yes - HMD without tracking and controllers is just a scrap) when… in 2022? I fell really sorry for all backers, and I’m happy for that I did not support of this doomed product. Yes, that’s what I - consumer think about Pimax 8k.
And don’t insult me - I do not offend anyone, just saying what I think about this company policy.
So, go on, wait for another ‘exciting news’ that they will offer 10 red plastic cases for winter holidays… And I will be reading Pimax forum, to get a portion of good laughter:))


Well, as long as you’re having fun, dude.

Just in an attempt to educate you (probably in vain but hey): the 300 units is the initial batch, basically to test their mass manufacturing line. It’ll be ramped up more and more from there, if there are no issues.

Meanwhile, the M2 unit should arrive with some of the testers soon, hopefully… And in a few weeks backers will be able to test them themselves.
So overall, pretty good I’d say.


The competition are obviously getting more desperate now that the end is in sight…


So if you are not a backer and not interested in trying to understand any details before blasting out some hot air, why are you here ? You cannot even really have fun, as you claim, because you don‘t even understand what the discussion is about, you don‘t have any understanding of the current status of the project, so it would be rather worrying if you had fun in the fact to not understand a discussion.

There are certain issues with the project but you don‘t seem to know them. So, what is your motovation for posting this ? Boring us with another trolling attempt ?


He really has a point , at this rate the 8k will be launching into a crowded 150 fov 4k oled market


But do we really have to read the same discussion day in day out ? Yes, the 8K is delayed. Yes, if it delays much longer, then it may see a one or more competing HMDs having been announced in the meantime.
But that is one story line in this forum ever since they announced they would miss the January/February shipping date.
There is a lot going on in the world of VR/AR currently, Magic Leap, StarVR, etc., do we have to play Groundhog Day time and again here ? There is enough material to discuss new stuff rather than recycle the same old shite for the umpteenth time…


Thank you, exactly my point. This is a simple question to Pimax if they already made 230 units. And there are 48 replies that does not have an answer to the question.
Actually, 49…


Are M2 units really being made when M1 Testers have not even gotten the chance to verify on any further improvements?

Business partners must be eager to grab the units & Pimax may indicate that backers are first but why believe it?

They’ve made it a habit to say what we want to hear…


Easy to believe.

  • m2 improvements based on Tester’s Feedback

  • Business Partners might not be as picky on needs (short xp like StarVR) & happy with quality for applications as demoed to them.

  • Backers First Backer meets will let backers choose for themselves.

  • Testers: A few should receive prior to meetups (logistics suck to guarantee b4 4 all testers; unless folks want to wait for all testers to receive = more delay). Some Testers maybe able to attend depending where & when of first meet.

We just need to maintain being patient & see how things unfold.

I am sure the “Concerned Troll” is not working for StarVR (as it’s the only 1 offering a Hi-FoV headset likely to compete directly with the 5k).


Now for an article on actual failed kickstarters (5) Although it doesn’t have the recent spatial 3d headphones. But makes sense as these 5 are horrible.

This Article however doesn’t have the “Solar Roads” fiasco; likely due to it’s backers still think it’s doable.

EDiT Here is a top 15


lol…and you still aren’t. Why are you here then? Just to be a dick? Nothing better going on in your life?

I did support it and I ain’t worried or upset. Yet you who did not is the one having an ‘issue’. Kinda funny.


It’s the unboxening.


Not true from what I am aware. It must be about 2 years ago now (?), Oculus were on a recruitment campaign to vacuum up all the best world class talent across a broad spectrum from engineers to neurologists and were offering the pay and conditions to get them. The mission as told to the potential candidates was to leapfrog the competition by a significant amount to release the best vr headset the world has ever seen, in five years.

So I think they’re in the high end, possibly more invested than anyone, but have removed themselves from the market place for 5 years to attempt this leapfrog move they aim for. And keep chasing the low end sales in the meantime to keep their company in view and slowly bring the masses toward vr with cheap, easy to use units.

It sucks they’re owned by facebook. I would place my bets that at the end of the 5 years they will have the best headset. How long they can hold off competitors catching up will be interesting.


Key words 5 years. In the meantime milking the mass market to encourage mass adoption & to allow tech to be at a level to support an advanced headset.

In this respect we might see a Tekwar Hesdset hit the market.


Thanks for posting that , I never realized that oculus/facebook were invested in VR’s future to that extent


It’s also why the Go is 60/72hz. Better research.


72hz was a hard compromise allotted for portable vr.


But still could be said due to their research is why.

Keep in mind Razer phone demonstrates they could have released a mobile headset with 120hz 1440p display. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

So why compromise it with less than 90hz?