230 units are already made?


As far as I know, it is there because it is evenly divisible by 24, making it possible to smoothly view cinema footage, with little trickery.


Because business always wants the least expensive consumer viable product. They don’t actually care what good vr is. Discernability of frame rate:
conscious subjective experience
Unconscious experience/autonomously processed information

It doesn’t actually matter what you think is good or bad or acceptable. Luckily regardless of what you type on here your brain which in ever a state of agonizing people to raise your dopamine levels, a traditional practice among many meta cannibals, or to help lower people’s expectations, or to be a devils advocate to ironically raise awareness of lower refresh rates impacticing your subconscious geospatial reasoning is real- grand scheme there isn’t much variability on the subconscious unmotivated data interpretation level.



The reverse is also true. If the market can always sell you something with the idea its better than what you have it encourages you to buy the next thing.

A fluff example was when “digital” was a bling word. Speaker manufacturers started putting “Digital Ready” . Which meant absolutely nothing. Lol

And I hardly think an extra $50 to $100 eould put folks off the Go if it used the same Ips Igloo 120hz hdr screen. If anything folks would grab it for sure.

Just the fact the research suggests less is sufficiemt for a decent experience not to be confused with best. Add this & the fact they wouldn’t want the Go affecting Rift sales if they made the Go better.


Yeah I suspect part of the design brief for the Go was ‘make sure we keep selling Rifts’.


Turns out it’s not a video of the Pimax 8k. It’s of something else.


Yeah well, it turns out it’s not a video of the Pimax 8k. It’s of something else.