24h race of Le Mans with Pimax 5k+



Hi guys ! Next week-end I am going to race the 24h of Le Mans on Project cars 2 with two friends and our cherished Pimax 5k+.

I feel that I owe the Pimax team a lot because they gave us such an amazing headset (ok I paid for that) and they offered me a 2080 ti though the review contest (and I didn’t pay for that one ^^). On top of that, they deserve a far better expose, so I hope this race will prove to everyone that the Pimax headset is a quality headset that can be used for hours without any problem.

DISCLAIMER : we are not pro (youtuber or racer) so don’t expect very high quality contents. We just want to share our experience with the headset, the software and the hardware !

I am going to add more informations during the week as the sim rig is almost ready. I can already give you the baseline :slight_smile:

The computer :
GPU : Zotac 2080 ti Gaming with around +120Mhz core clock
CPU : i7-8700 non OC
MB : Msi Gaming Edge z390 Wifi
SSD : Crucial P1 500 Go 3D NAND M.2 NVMe PCIe
HD : 2x1To Western Digital (Raid 0)
RAM : 1x16go DDR4 HyperX Predator 3000MHz
PSU : Seasonic Platinum 660W SS-660XP2
Screen : Philips 50pus7303

Pitools :
Version 180 with Parallel Projection
Quality : 1.0

Project cars 2 settings
MSAA high
Supersampling 1.4

The rig :

Rig : 2DOF moving simulator ( I detailled the project on xsimulator.net ).
Wheel : Direct Drive base on Simucube 1 and Mige 80ST-M04025
Steering Wheel : F1 style wireless with QR
Pedals : Custom hydraulic
Features : 4 bass shakers, moving 4 points seatbelt, headphones for the Radio


are you going to stream it live?


Hello! Ça c’est du DIY! Le siège de kart c’est confortable? Pendant un moment je pensais en prendre un pour faire un baquet de monoplace. (siège de kart incliné + appui tête/épaule diy).


I am going to check what is possible to do tomorrow.

Last year the race manager desk (ok…dinner table… ) looked like this :

I going to see which screen can be streamed and in worst case we are going to use a Samsung S8.


J’ai choisi ça plutôt qu’un siège baquet classique car c’est à la fois beaucoup plus léger et moins cher. Niveau confort ça passe, on va rajouter encore quelques mousses. Puis le simulateur de mouvements ne secoue pas énormément non plus.

Translation : I choose that instead of a classic bucket seat because it’s both lighter and cheaper. Considering confort, it’s ok but we are going to add a bit more pads. Then the sim motion rig doesn’t shake a lot so it’s ok…


you could put OBS on the main machine, and send the image via ODI to a second rig for streaming. this doesn’t use a lot of power. also if you have a passtrough capture card you can record another screen on the second machine without any lag.

you could also add live video on the streaming rig with just a USB webcam, so it wouldn’t hurt gameplay.


Cool! I do a lot of PC2 with my 5k+ also.
You could just use the NVIDIA build in streaming function over twitch or steams Version both are easy to use
Link: https://www.howtogeek.com/340554/how-to-stream-your-pc-gameplay-with-nvidia-geforce-experience/amp/

I find OBS a bit hard if your not into it.


Thanks to both of you ! I am going to check which one is the most efficient !


Almost ready !


First video online ! Quite a bad start indeed…


Still pushing hard at the fifth place !


Anybody saying that he can’t weare the 5k for more then an hour will now be pointed to your experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t3:
Nice job, tell us about it as soon as you are up to it!
Thanks anyway for sharing!


Wow, I am glad to see that.
I will pin your post for 5 days!

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Only 1 hour left, and so good so far !

I spent 9h with the pimax 5k+ on the head (4x 2h15). I must add :

  • We made the 24h of le mans with Lenovo Explorer last year that got a psvr-like design.It swings a lot more than the pimax due to his design when you turn head.(to check if there is a car by example)
  • Compared to the HTC vive (that I owned too), thanks to his very lightweight design, it is more natural to turn head with the Pimax.


I must add that the guy wearing the headset on the picture above wears glasses without any problem too…

How to make overclocking safe :


We won the race ! Due to many crashes we spent 3/4 of the races between first and last place. Then in the last 6 hours, thanks to a very grippy track, we took the first place and kept it easily.

On the failures side :

  • most of the shifter paddles failed during the race and were replaced.
  • The belt tensioner system heated a 3D printed parts that become deformed and inoperable.
  • The sim motion rig was going down a little bit with time. We re-calibrated it two times.

But no problem with the Pimax headest, nor with the computer, Pcars 2, and any software used (Simhub, Simtools, Profiler, Mumble).

Again, thanks a lot to the Pimax team to have bring such an amazing headest to us ! Now that we are used to it, it doesn’t even appear like a high-end expensive headset, it’s just appears like the way it’s supposed to be : a thing that you put on your head, and immediately forget it because you are in another world.

PS : I am sorry to have been incapable to stream the race decently, but I already spent all my free time this last months to build this simulation rig, and that left no time to learn how to stream… Next time it will be better !


This much racing is not quite my cup of tea (more of an arcade-y racing type myself). But i love seeing people put in the effort to make great setups for fun activities like this. So thanks for sharing!

Also, got a solid chuckle from the overclocking setup


Yeah it looks exagerated but we didn’t want to take any risk so… On the other side we also needed to OC a little bit to reach a decent framerate.


Awesome indeed. I remember a buddy doing the endrance races in the first Gran Turismo. Not an easy task. He kept nodding off here & there during the race. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: