24h race of Le Mans with Pimax 5k+



Yeah I guess so, i felt asleep last year before taking the wheel. The driver woke me up by screaming into the radio ^^


Awesome guys!!!:checkered_flag:
Franchement, bien joue !!!
Was following your post and as a DIY motion rig owner i am impressed by what you have accomplished .
I might need some advice, looking to make a DD wheel :grin:


Thanks you !
Feel free to ask me if you need advice about direct Drive.


Hahaha, That will be great.


Good job @Lebois !!! Awesome indeed


Good job to you, Pimax made it possible ! :slight_smile:


Agreed. One of the things I really like about racing games using my 8K is that I can see both side mirrors, without needing to turn my head.


Pour pas trop chère tu peux aussi te construire un
sfx 100 et comme çà envois du lourd


Ouai c’est une gamme au-dessus mais ça a l’air dingue !


Si j’allume un truc comme ca ici a 1h du mat j’ai le MI6 qui rentre par la fenêtre :joy:


C’est du fait maison il y a tous les plans sur la toile
Et vraiment zéro bruit c’est très silencieux
Faut. aimer le bricolage et la bidouille mais c’est plutôt simple
Moi je ai adapter mon rseat rs1 sur le système


Oui j’ai regardé ça a l’air dans mes cordes, mais pas dans mon budget ^^… Dans quelques années peut-être… J’pense déjà que j’ai encore pas mal d’optimisations à effectuer sur le mien.


So RTX 2080 ti - Nice :slight_smile:

I have some questions about config:

  1. Have You been running it with Smart Smoothing in PiTools?
  2. How was the FOV configured? Large, Medium, Small?
  3. HMD refresh rate 72Hz or 90Hz?
  4. What was the average FPS?
  5. Was it running from Steam? Steam VR Mode or Oculus VR Mode?

I’m asking because I’m looking good configuration to run this game with PP enabled.

  1. No smart smoothing… It adds artefacts so I prefered to avoir it.
  2. Medium. Large isn’t very usefull because you won’t see more in a lmp1 car. Furthermore there is some weird things in large. Around the border you sometimes ses through thé car…
  3. 90hz
  4. i don’t know but it was too low… I guess it’s because it’s a 24h race…
  5. launched from Steam. With Oculus i am offset to the right :confused:


Always one meter ahead with the Pimax 5k+ x)