2K support does not work after GPU upgrade (piplay 1.1.92)



after upgrading from a R9 290 to a GTX 1080 and a clean install of Windows, i can’t get the 2K support to work. (Oh, the irony!) Is there any trick? Maybe some other GTX 1080 users experienced the same issue?

1K is working fine on both extended and pimax mode, but with 2K activated it’s a black screen with a green LED. Still, SteamVR tells me everything is running fine.
After switching back to 1K, everything is working as intended again. :frowning:

I’m still at 1.1.92 because it is the best for visual quality.

Win 8.1 64bit
nVidia 384.94 (388.13 not working either)
Pimax SN: Starts with 100
Pimax FW:

Any help is much appreciated!


1080p is 2k. You mean your having an issue with getting 1440p (2.5k) working.

@sjefdeklerk i believe is running 1.1.92 & a 1080 nvidia & may have some ideas to get 2.5k working.

Have you tried a Piplay title like Unity Chan? Does it work or blank screen as well?


Why don’t you just use the newest driver? It’s not good but not worse than 1.1.92 neither.


Black screen can be an issue if you use hdmi extenstion cable.


Completely forgot about this post, sorry. I found a solution, maybe it helps others.

The issue was the extension cable, yes. After getting a HDMI repeater (https://www.amazon.de/CSL-Verstärker-HDMI-Repeater-Signalverstärker-HDMI-Buchse-Anthrazit/dp/B071WX56QF), everything is working fine again.

Apparently the R9 290 can run longer cables with higher resolutions than the GTX1080.


Awesome thanks. I have 390 version of the 390.