2nd Headset (RMA Headset) gives different SteamVR SS suggestion ?!?!?!


So I recently had to RMA my first headset. I mentioned it in a different posting.
I used to have SteamVR say it recommends 60% SteamVR SS. Now, with the RMA headset, it says it recommends 90%.

How is this even possible?


Do you know if firmware, pitool & steamvr versions were the same on both headsets?


I downgraded the RMA headset from .183 to .181, So they’re the same across the board. No changes. Unless there was a change with SteamVR’s recent update, but i think that happened after the RMA came.


Hmm… I am still on steamvr 1.14 but have 195 pitool. I know from tge event steamvr is at something like 127.

We’d need more folks to weigh in. @bubbleball has a newer headset but bith I believe are 181 firmware. He can likely do a compare between the 2 he has.


Ye I believe steam is at 1.2.7 now for me too but firmware is .181 and pitool 95 as well. I purposely downgraded from .183 because i saw some glitches which i was worried were due to the firmware. I know.181 was good so i installed that instead.


My firmware 181.
Steam vr 1.2.7
PiTool 91 (95 is worse, watery effect which make 3 parts screen effect).
sampling 500%
fov small.

The best for me


As you had 2 5k+ were they the same under Steamvr Settings Video change Auto Res to manual.

Ie 1st 5k+ say 60% reccommended to 2nd 5k+ headset or did auto ss change as described above?


Okay, may report later.


Sampling 500%?!?! That doesnt seem right at all.


Have to try by yourself ,lol.


Hey Mike.

How long did it take to recieve a new headset.
They promised me a new headset but for almost a month i dont get an answer on when they will send me one.
Im backer 1150. SUPEN-873


I mentioned it in the forums first, and tagged all the pimax support guys. Then same day i opened a support ticket. Within 8 days i had a new headset in my house, and they request you to mail back your current headset after which is awesome. You’ll have to pay for return shipping to china which cost me $81 via USPS from NYC, but they will refund you.

I will be sending back my first headset today (about 2 weeks after getting the RMA). I took some time because i wanted to make sure there were no issues with the new one


Thanks for you reply.