2nd replacement, no refund yet, giving Pimax 5k+ one last attempt



Edited: Not getting a refund, this time…getting a 2nd replacement …we’ll see how it goes.


Glad to hear you have a great XP & your up & running.

Please monitor housing. Hopefully it remains defect free.

But awesome response time; hopefully they can soon replicate this in other regions. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Sorry to hear. But understanable. If you have a spare 12v 2amp wall plug would still reccommend checking that.

Though disapointing to have what appears to have been a rubber stamped checklist. This should never happen. @PimaxUSA will need to look into this.

Does the led not even turn Red with just wall adapter plugged in?


No LED lights what-so-ever. no sign of any power going to the headset. i also tried another 12v adapter i have, which should have worked, nothing.


Looks like one of the lugs/clips is not clipped into the case properly.
Did you make sure the cable is all the way in, were it plugs into the top of the HMD ?


yes it doesn’t look like it was fully sealed or it came loose during shipment? I don’t know, and I wasn’t even aware that cable could become unplugged, it’s in there very secure though, however it’s already been shipped back to Florida, they express shipped a 2nd replacement today as I decided not to do a refund anyhow, but this is the last replacement I’m doing, if this one is defective then it’s game over for me… :persevere::pensive: so here’s to hoping I get a working HMD.