3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government


3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government


Article from “stillness-in-the-storm”… https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/stillness-in-the-storm/

Stillness in the Storm is a news and opinion blog with over-the-top tin foil hat conspiracy theories!


And “conspiracy teories” is just a sheep’s meme used to shut down critical thinking…

Keep you opinions for yourself , the world is a learning place, and
if you’re unable to read something THEN and only then (but of course you
haven’t even read the material presented…), discern some useful
information from it, it doesn’t mean everybody has to follow you back to

There is AMPLE evidence that FB has been financed by the CIA since
it’s early beginning, but of course you just don’t know the MANY details
and evidence.


“A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy—generally one involving an illegal or harmful act supposedly carried out by government or other powerful actors—without credible evidence. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts”


Keep my opinion to myself… in a forum? What in the world do you think a forum is about? BTW… it wasn’t my opinion if you actually read my post… it was the opinion of “mediabiasfactcheck” website… I provided the link… that comment about conspiracy was THEIR COMMENT… THOUGH I agree with it… and to answer your comment…

ABSOLUTELY NOT… you can’t keep me quiet so deal with it! It’s you that can’t deal with critical thinking and your post clearly proves that when you tell others to keep their opinions to themselves if it contradicts your opinion. Why are snowflakes so hypocritical?

"There is AMPLE evidence that FB has been financed by the CIA since it’s early beginning, but of course you just don’t know the MANY details and evidence." - :sweat_smile: Yes, please provide these MANY details and evidence… while you’re at it… can you provide the evidence to bigfoot and alien produced crop-circles too?


There’s an interesting journal of this topic in Applied Cognitive Psychology by a researcher named Jan-Willem van Prooijen from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands… in the paper he states…

“People with high education are less likely than people with low education to believe in conspiracy theories. It is yet unclear why these effects occur, however, as education predicts a range of cognitive, emotional, and social outcomes. The present research sought to identify mediators of the relationship between education and conspiracy beliefs.”

The actual paper… https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/acp.3301


Yeah…that shit just translates into: “people with a more heavy indoctrination received (mind control) are less likely to explore new ideas and find new, widened truths”…

You should evaluate the possibility that EVERYTHING in this world is not as they have told us and teach us…

You know what ?..some have found out after completing university, that an huge amount of what they have studied is contradictory, flawed or incomplete…like in electronic engineering, and took the courage to
remain open to new revelations…exactly like who is writing here…

So please, just don’t repeat some shit you’ve just read somewhere and start yelling “Conspiracies !!!”…like the catholics did to the alchemists and real scientist of the age…middle ages is long gone , dude…

If you don’t agree with something, just expose your views and put the motivations on the table, to open a discussion, otherwise…demonizing with just some words and pretending to start some witch hunt just makes you dumb.


Yup, like those people who used to make horse carriages… luckily they had the courage to step up and make automobiles!!! They saw the light… you’re too funny dude…


Exactly…and just because they looked farther, otherwise we were still like Mormons still using these carriages.
So what’s your point ??

I may appear funny, but you’re just plain stupid, yelling at something just using a word that in your mind equals “ban it ! don’t talk about it ! burn that idea !..”

We are almost in 2019, wake up … almost everything you thought was real and we thought it was true 96% is not the truth … and it will become increasingly evident …

And FB will be put out of business, or totally restructured from ground-up soon…mark my words.


Out of curiosity… where do you get that I’m “yelling”? Let me fill you in… if anything, I’m laughing at you!

  • So I take it… you took the “red pill”?

Duly noted… note to one self… buy FB stock!!!


Oh and BTW…that one you described is NOT critical thinking, it’s just “opinionated view”, picking up opinions from here and there, thinking it is the most “good” thing that adapt to your current understanding and probably that don’t shake your view of life, too…

Critical thinking is something that pushes you farther on the road of understanding, solving more questions and leading you to the next discovery…it requires to remain open-minded to what you think you currently know.

And just tagging new ideas or hypothesis as “conspiracies” will not let you advance of a single meter on the road…


Good luck with that… Zolof can help you on your journey!


Thought you might like the recent quote made to someone else below :sweat_smile:


Better that remanining stuck in middle ages thinking and witch hunt…for sure :grin:


Yeah…exactly what tomhom is doing here… :slight_smile:

But yes…of course he just had confirmation from a site that it is a conspiracy theory…without knowing 100 other things and facts about the story I present in this thread…


Some people thinks that for checking anything it is just as easy as googling something and look for the opinions of some other people, or self-appointed expert…and just adopt it…great use of their brain and discernment…wow.

As long as it does not disturb or shake their way of perceiving reality :grin:


Yes, I missed this “100 other things and facts”… where are they? I’m still waiting for the evidence on the CIA paying FB evidence BTW…


Errrr no … what you did by telling him to keep his opinions to himself.

To be fair @tomohm maybe he didn’t type it! I think the Government or Facebook took control of his account … I have “AMPLE evidence” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I will not waste any energy with the likes of you, just because I very well know that people who attack with just commonly used and ostracizing definitions, and follow a limited reasoning path like you do, will not read or learn anything from it…it is just a waste of time…the articles that I post are not directed to the likes of you, the people who can discern will make their investigations alone, because something rings interesting to them, and don’t even reply here.

Find it yourself if you think it t’s worth it, it’s not your case …because all you’re able to do is just “tag” things with a word, true or false…and it’s over there for you.


He did not presented his opinion, just put it in some stone cold way, ostracizing with the “conspiracy” tag…

Argumentations given ? None…

So who the hell fucks about such an empty opinion ? It is not even intelligently motivated…just judging something…


You have to laugh though at his thought process… if you don’t accept what i’m saying, you’re not a critical thinker, even though there is ample evidence, I just can’t present it. And unless you accept what I’m saying, you’re living in the dark age. - Would it really surprise you if he claimed to be Napoleon also?