3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government


That’s because you think that I have the need to prove anything…but I don’t need to prove anything, have no such interest at all, and the proof is out there, if you want to find it…I don’t care if you will or not…

I’m just an instrument, what I post is just bits and pieces I collect on the way Home, if you find any of it useful, great…otherwise move on…


I will end with these two great reflective images from Minds social network:


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Yes… you’re a tool!

And here’s my proof!


You pretty much defined yourself in the best possible way… good for U :slight_smile:



You seem confused - a few posts earlier you criticised @tomohm for not providing evidence supporting his opinion?


Guys… That is enough of the personal attacks. This is a forum and is open to All opinions, this is not a pissing contest so wind your necks in and be civil or the thread will be closed.



Close it… it was absurd to begin with!



@kopa has created a wonderful script to help users avoid potential conflict with users whom you have difficulty interacting with due to differences.

Here is a link to his topic.

Tampermonkey script to extend usability on the Pimax forum

It is a great tool to help avoid unnecessary conflicts & toxity.


The “I’m too pissed off from him” script , LOL

Speaks volumes…


Rational thinking you say!!! When you claim that 96% of everything we thought was true and real is FALSE… 96%… not most, not some, but exactly 96%… that is so very far from being a rational thinker!!! That is now the twilight zone area… seek professional help!!!


No it’s a goid script to help anyone who simply wants a cleaner experience on the forum to avoid unpleasantries in the forum.

Anyone including you could benefit from using it.

Now please keep it civil & avoid personal attacks; even in your own topics please. You & Tom simply see things different.


It’s telling that post Edward Snowden there is still a large proportion of people who can believe they can shut down an idea with the words ‘conspiracy theory’.
Where’s the evidence that governments act illegally and unethically towards their citizens? Well if Snowden’s releases aren’t evidence then nothing could satisfy.
The evidence is overwhelming. To ignore it and then throw out the words ‘conspiracy theory’ as if it’s the trump card to win any topic, is just a lay down misere.


Not sure of this connection between Edward Snowden and conspiracy came from… I don’t see how their linked. I don’t think most people associated what Snowden revealed was conspiracy nor what was happening didn’t happened.

ethically was the issue… never about the legality. The legality was there… there were rules by the U.S. Supreme court and Congress and they were not abused legally at stated but yes, people questioned the ethics… as they should and are entitled too. Not much different how some Americans questioned the ethics and legality of drone strikes on American terrorists in foreign lands. The legality was solved… the ethics like what Snowden revealed… will NEVER be solved.

So let me get this straight though… people should not write off those who claim that 96% of everything you know is either false or lie… because of Snowden??? Are you on-board with the theory that 96% of everything you know in your life is a lie?


All I’m saying is people should know better in this point in history to dismiss something as conspiracy theory instead of engaging with the topic and information.
The connection I draw is most of this ‘govt tracks every move you make’ topic was often written off as conspiracy theory. Then along comes Snowden with the proof the naysayers kept asking for. And now they throw the words ‘conspiracy theory’ and then ask for evidence. We’ve been around this circle already.
Legal? You need to look deeper. One very good example is in the book, ‘Green is the New Red’. Just one example of unfoldings of the ‘Five Eyes’ system before Snowden’s releases where there is documented evidence of the government themselves stating the public must never know, it’s not legally covered…and then the scramble to cover it up and then the long road to post hoc legitimising it after the fact by controlling the legislative.
They now tell me it’s legal so it must be okay.
Most of what I know is untrue, but I don’t know which. It’s by confronting my beliefs with a goal of exposing their untruths that I can improve this situation. Never by dismissing.


Dude… you didn’t seriously use the term ‘snowflake’?..

MAGA!!! lol :laughing: :laughing:


With regards Lillo’s crazy rants. Meh, we’re clearly somewhere in the middle. But you’re just as crazy as Lillo in the other direction. Neo-liberal capitalism has failed. It’s been getting progressively worse since the 1970’s and Thatcher spreading it around like Chlamydia. It’s crept all over the world and is now the de facto system. Unregulated free market capitalism will always end up this way, a small rich elite controlling the narrative and normal people getting pooped on from a great height. Of course, not everything is a conspiracy, but people who throw around the term ‘snowflake’, can be ignored instantly.



You do understand that there is no connection to MAGA and Snowflake… I don’t think I’ve ever heard Trump use the word “Snowflake” myself… and that word has been around longer than Trump was President!


Really… so when I used a website that judges websites on facts… and bascially say nothing… I’m crazy? Really? That’s the thing about conspiracist… either you accept what they say as truth and any evidence you provide that doesn’t fit their narrative… they freak out because it hurts their feelings that you just don’t accept their feelings… SNOWFLAKES… to you Wiru… any response other than acceptance would make me crazy to you.

And how in the world is that even related to the topic? [quote=“Flinnt, post:40, topic:9012”]
One very good example is in the book, ‘Green is the New Red’. Just one example of unfoldings of the ‘Five Eyes’ system before Snowden’s releases where there is documented evidence of the government themselves stating the public must never know,

Except the 5 eyes was known… there are many news stories of the 5-eyes long before Snowden and THAT’s when the laws such as the intercept and the Governments (Western government… not just the U.S.) have ability to collect phone Meta-data was granted! The fact is… the public didn’t understand how the Government used that power and the scope of it… but it was never a conspiracy.


I’m taking a wild guess. And yes, they are very much related. I mean, you think they aren’t related?? Seriously? ‘Snowflake’ is a politicized insult employed by the right to disparage the left. The fact that you can try and distance those two things in your message is staggeringly intellectually dishonest.

From the tone and word choice of your comments I would say it’s incredibly likely (not certain, obviously) that you are GOP/MAGA leaning, and that you think ‘the youth of today’ just complain all the time and ‘should just work hard like I did when I was young’ with very very little understanding of the actual socio-economic conditions people actually grow up in these days. Feel free to set me straight.