3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government


Regarding “how is neo-liberal capitalism related”. Urg, that is a long ass reply.

TLDR: The rights of normal people are being slowly eroded by the increasing income inequality gap between the rich and poor. Its happening everywhere, but quicker in the US than most places due to private companies being allowed to give donations to political parties. All this slowly results in the govt and business controlling our day to day lives more and more. Narrative/media controlled by the rich, yada yada yada, teach people who don’t know much (via fox news etc) to use the term ‘snowflake’ to poop on young people who complain about the obviously horrible status quo.


I’m not sure about the word “disparage” but never the less… all things Right doesn’t = Trump! Republicans, Conseratives, etc… have been around a lot longer than Trump and will be around a lot longer than Trump. Abe Lincoln was a Republican!

That’s more of a left-leaning opinion on others! And a deflection on the topic at hand.

NOT related to the topic at hand! It’s a deflection on what was and is being discussed!

The term really came about from college students who insisted they needed “safe spaces” in their college campus to get away from people who didn’t agree with their point of view.


Yeah thats why I added ‘GOP’, in case you were a slightly less unhinged right winger :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“tomohm, post:47, topic:9012”][quote=“tomohm, post:47, topic:9012”]
NOT related to the topic at hand! It’s a deflection on what was and is being discussed!

It is not a deflection. I don’t know how you think it’s a deflection? It is an attempt at a deeper discussion of the forces at play based on my knowledge of this particular wheel house. That’s the only way to get to the bottom of complex issues. I do, however, agree with you that Lillo was over the top.

That’s more of a left-leaning opinion on others!

No, no it isn’t.

Congratulations on your trip to Wikipedia. How was the weather?
The etymology of the term ‘snowflake’ is not relevant to it’s current usage. That’s not how language works. The term was pounced on and co-opted by the right to shoot down dissent from young people and the left. But you obviously didn’t care enough to keep reading past what was probably the first paragraph that you thought would excuse your use of the term.


the GOP is the Republican party!!! HELLO!!!

Yes, yes, it is… conspiracies and the CIA taking over FB has nothing to do with neo-liberalism!

Now you’re just being a moron… must be socialist supporter… are your AntiFa dues paid up? Do you look good in that Ninja outfit?

I’m a Conservative btw…


this will be the last notice regarding personal insults. keep it civil or you can continue this discussion in PM only.


Read the book. It wasn’t metadata.


Yeah, and it is incredible that it happens, with all the information out, it’s just that some people prefer to remain in their “safe zone” , and are ready to defend the prison they live in (plus their captors) at all costs…give them their cellar key, they will throw it away…

Like Morpheus said, a prison for the mind.


Just wait some more months and see for yourself what revelations come out, and the resulting changes…no problem :sunglasses:


Not only that…but there are now literally dozens of whistleblowers, people who come from governments sectors, that are revealing way more deep info than Snowden…the facts are now hard to deny, or quickly dismiss as conspiracies…

That is why I simply laugh at these people who are still robotically acting like that, they just point a finger and use a word to ban, when in fact:


What does make you think that the site you used to evaluate something bases its conclusion on facts ? Have you done your investigations and they proved to be the same of the website ? NO…you just don’t know anything of the subject…ZERO…otherwise you would have been more than doubtful on the subject, and probably you would have arrived at the reasonable conclusion there are more questions still open, than conclusions.

But no…“conspiracy theory”, yeah…just dismiss it, stay in your safe zone…who’s the snowflake ??? LOL


May I simply add that there is totally no need to shift this discussion to politics ? (it has took an interesting rumination in any case :smile:).

Being awakened to more deep truths and becoming more aware of the reality we live in doesn’t need to include politics or being part of one side or the other, we’re all on the same boat on this strange blue ball we call Earth, and the only thing we could not disagree with is that any mistake we make in choosing for our life, or refusing to see some truths, when talking of large numbers of people, is that we are all going to pay for it and worse things for all of us…except maybe a very restricted number or people who care less than nothing, because they are short sighted psychopaths.


I am throwing you a crumb…interested people will investigate further.


OK… and when nothing out the extraordinary happens… lets see what excuse you’ll have…


So you believe Mark Zuckerberg is a master U.S. spy and became this spy at 19? The CIA made him one of the wealthiest men on the planet so it can track American citizens? Maybe his Asian wife is a foreign spy too… maybe that’s not their kid at all but an implant? It’s kinda interesting that the U.S. government at this moment is controlled by Republicans and yet tech companies like FB and Google push left-leaning ideals counter to the Republicans… has Zuckerberg gone rogue to his masters?

BTW… DARPA wasn’t creating LifeLong… Darpa funds projects to create technologies… things like the Internet, or space travel… SpaceX would be an example. LifeLong was being created by M.I.T. and was to be used as an AI development system. But yes, it would collect lots of information that ALREADY exist on people. Not nearly as much information though that China collects on its people with its Social Credit System. LifeLong was never a secret!!!


No I’m sorry but you are missing the point. I don’t criticise your opinion, you are free to have one, but the way you have presented it. You are consistently contradicting yourself.

  1. You previously posted a link saying “Bill Gates Plans To Kill You” dripping in blood. When someone else challenged it, you replied:
    “giving derogatory labels to anything or anyone will not make you any good”

  2. Having acted like you were offended you replied:
    “I wonder why some people consider so difficult to just not read the messages that are not of their interest and move on… Being triggered by something someone says is totally another problem, more related about personal character…but no…some people who act like being “offended” by some content pretend to have the liberty to ostracize their supposed offender or shut him down”.

  3. So having supported free speech you replied to someone else:
    “Keep you opinions for yourself”

  4. Having criticised someone for not proving their opinion, when they asked for your evidence you replied:
    “That’s because you think that I have the need to prove anything…but I don’t need to prove anything, have no such interest at all,”

I honestly don’t think you and I have fallen out (and don’t want to) but if you don’t read the above as reasoned argument then I’m wasting my time. I genuinely wish you well :heart:

@tomohm you are a free man but I suggest you follow me in muting these threads. Ironically all on it probably agree with the phrase “There are none as blind as those who will not see” but for different reasons :grinning:


Yea maybe your right… but honestly, sometimes I actually like triggering Snowflakes when I’m bored at my computer!


All interesting questions, follow where the trail leads you…

But I suggest you avoid the Republican/Dem division, it’s just all a theatre, a setup made to divide and deceive people, thinking there is a good side and a bad side, when in fact there is only a bunch of people controlling both, and pulling the wires, while we, if not awakened to the truth, and aware of the bigger picture, start to battle against each other like retards…

At most you can say that there are patriots, and not …


Would that be the “Tall-Whites aliens” you are talking about that was leaked by Iran?

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.


I understand your confusion…you mix things because you don’t know where my reasoning come from…missing some bigger picture, and anyway I’m not perfect, having my flaws and communication difficulties like anyone.

The only reason I said that his opinion was useless was because he was basing it on practically “nothing”, and did not really knew anything about the subject.

Wow…what’s this ? a Crusade ?..after all what you’ve said you now expose your real cards ?
No comment…


I have already told you I’m not into discussing any resulting view that people could come up with these informations, I’m only dropping some crumbs and if it feels or rings interesting to anyone…follow the white rabbit.

Otherwise it is only a battle of opinions, something I dropped from my path way long ago…

But I suggest that you don’t use your limited opinions to battle and start new middle-ages witch hunts, because…you know…any truth is only valid for you until you find the next, more wide one, and demonizing anything without having given a serious look at it, or having connected MANY dots, only show that you are uncapable of doing such a thing, or just not having interest in it…I RESPECT THAT, but it is not a valid reason to send someone to the burning stake.

You could soon find yourself shocked about what was really all behind the whole picture, it will be a too big pill to swallow for most people on this planet, but it will neverthless necessary to know it.