3 Ways Facebook Is Increasingly Becoming An Arm Of The US Government


Except your own… and any that run counter to that… we’ll then that person is closed minded! Got it!

So you did take the Red pill?

I haven’t… but you sure did!

I’m interested in knowing if you fear our Tall White Overlords!


YES !! Because it is based on NOTHING ! Like in your case…I could go on talking with you privately for two months trying to make you connect all the information I already know, but giving your conscious position, you would not even try to test such a road…

You did, saying “conspiracy” as soon as having read some content, is equal to saying “heretic” in the middle ages…and you presented NOTHING to support your retarded claim…do you realize the power of some words you use ? These only SHUT DOWN both your critical thinking, and the one of who is listening to you…
No , you don’t…because you’re prisoner of your own limited thinking…and the ones having the true liver to start walking on a path where they will have to face only difficulties and confront their own demons, they are the “snowflakes”…

Boy…you’re the only one fearing for your fragile security here :slight_smile:

Of course you do…because all is interesting you, is to find ways to more attack and ostracize your victims, and deep out the battle…that’s all you’re capable to do…

The only demons, “tall whites” or anything you have to fear, are your own internal demons, because they can steer you as often as they want, worry about this instead…


It’s funny how many times you keep perpetuating this lie that I said “conspiracy”… I didn’t. What I did was present evidence that the website media you were using to prove your narrative is wildly known as a “conspiracy” site which uses pseudoscience as evidence. Let me repeat… I PROVIDED THE EVIDENCE THAT THE SOURCE you used is commonly known as a conspiracy site!!! And I really find it funny that when you use a website to prove some theory… that’s ok… but when I use a site to contradict that theory… OMG… you absolutely completely lose it… And I not only find that hypocritical… it’s down-right comical!!!

Instead of blowing a casket… why don’t you do what grown-ups do… use common sense instead… maybe communicate with reason and logic instead of freaking out like a baby who had his/her toy taken away?


Theory. If i buy a lottery ticket i might win. Once I buy one it is no longer a theory but a possibility.

The problem here is as @Lillo said. He & you are clouded by each of your own’s inflexibility to be open minded. Each of you beleive your truths & are unflexible to the possibility of being false.

Each of you believe your perception of what is truth.


It’s kinda hard to be open minded when someone talks about “AMPLE” evidence but refuses to share any. Believe anything I say no matter how crazy it sounds or your “close-minded”? That might work for you Helio… but I think I’ll pass.

I haven’t presented any truth besides the evidence I provided that the media source Lillo used was a known conspiracy site. I don’t recall Lillo or anyone disputing that… only that Lillo has been freaking out by the simple fact that I presented it. There can never be a debate on anything unless the person who makes the claim can stand up to scrutiny. Freaking out isn’t that…


He said often he is inflexible in his views. As for posting links I & others have asked as well. He’d rather people stumble in the dark on his musings.

He sees posting links as “parroting” so it becomes pointless asking him to post links.

As for “known” conspiracy sites. There are disinformation sites on just about everything. Just look at the Beef debate. Some nutrition studies say it’s bad for you & others say it’s fine.

People often believe being Vegan you can’t be a good athlete with eating meat. Which is false.

Now pass the porkchops please. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


You presented NOTHING , N-O-T-H-I-N-G , just as I presented an article from a site… but there’s a lot more about that that you may not know: the difference is that I’m basing my opinion on years or months of research and a wide understanding of something, while you only base yourself from an opinion taken from a single site…that…is a fact check evaluating site, mind that !.. ever guessed who controls and sponsor it ?.


See above for proof. :v::innocent::point_up_2:


No dude…I’m not inflexible, I’m inflexible only to those who instantly talk about something KNOWING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what they pretend to judge, quickly using some denominator term…there’s a whole ocean of difference.


Honestly Helio… if you want me to stop I will… I’ll admit I do sometimes get a kick stirring the pot… but I assumed this section of the forum was a shark-tank… I would never do this on the technical side of the forum… I’ve always avoided politics on those parts.


Apart that, you’re the only one here thinking I’m talking politics…like I already said above…


Sure… the U.S. Government taking over the world’s most popular social network website clandestinely for nefarious reasons has NOTHING to do with politics… MY BAD!!! :joy:


That’s more up to you. I just didn’t want you to assume you might sway his viewpoint.


That was never my intention… I love Japanese culture and paranoid people… the weird makes the world more entertaining…