360 degrees ceiling mode for Nolo users with pimax4k or pimax 5k 8k succes

today after many month i find the way to play pimax4k with nolo on 360 ceiling mode with the new pitool driver i find this trick sory for my bad english i want help anyone have nolo vr controlers

first step download and instal latest pitool driver beta after instal go to program files / pimax / runtime folder and copy 3 files on your desktop from this folder

now uninstall pitool… go to %appdata% delete all pimax files inside on local folder restart your computer

now download PiToolSetup_1.0.1.129_212 instal!!
after this drop the dll and exe nolo files on the programs files/pimax/runtime and replace the old
next go to search and write regedit
inside on regedit find this folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER / SOFTWARE/Pitool open
inside have this nolo_display_mode 0 double clik open it and chance the value from 0 to 1 nolo_display_mode 1 restart your pc and you are ready !!! nolo work perfect on ceiling mode 360 degrees without any problem very accurate with latest nolo firmware !! have fun sory for my bad english again i hope i help some people

note!!! for pimax4k user to fix the problem on screen after latest pitool instal u need to setup piplay 2.7 the old pimax driver to fix the problem before setup the version after that delete and go to setup the pitool and you are ready work mach beter and more stable from 180 degrees for now only pitool support 360 with this trick nolo_display_mode the dll files from the latest pitool needet because that fix all bugs from 129 version you need to replace this files !!!


A work that should be done by Pimax. Anyway congratulations. Imagine if Pimax were a serious company and fulfilled its promises! Maybe they would change firmware and software so that Pimax 4k users could use vive controllers, or they made their own controllers. Too much imagination.

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Yes pimax forgot all us with 4k pimax company all this search to make my headset work my own for this guys is just some minite to add 1button like piplay to chose 180 or 360 degrees very easy to support 4k is the reason i never buy again from pimax company nothing becase off this my frient all this guys forgot from where make this name as company so nany people like me buy 1 product unfinished and now no support i understand much work with pimax 8 k but nothing for 4k i like pimax8 k but i never buy it for that reason maybe from second hand on the future this guys not worth my money or money from any pimax4k user not serious company i am very sad for that …i start with pimax4k as normal user and with so many problem with this headset so many try to make it work i am close to vr expert haha so if somonw want a pimax first need to go scoul again to learn some software language me i need learn english but anyway i hope you understant my Chinese haha


Correct me if im wrong but i thought the 4k didnt have support for lighthouse tracking or a built in wireless receiver that can connect to vive/index/whatever controllers?

Those are major hardware changes that cant be fixed without reworking the device completely, which they did when making the 5k/8k.

yes you are correct but this company before 8k sell the 4k as perfect vr with nolo company toghether pimax4k+ nolo and after pimax8 they stop any support before 3 4 month put the new driver nolo inside on pitool… but remove the 360 degrees ceiling mode for nolo the driver is not good glich anyway some version pitool work with 4k model after 2 years you can play with nolo vr nolo vr give you what you need on pimax4k but again not perfect this guys stop support on latest pitools the 4k headset again … if you download latest pitool that make problem on you pimax4k and you need again try find your own solution fix this problem … you need download old piplay to return your pimax back to work … and again instal pitool but not tyhe latest … this company dont care about 4k user but before 2 3 month i see stil sell this product … with the trick i upload up on this post you can play ok but not perfect but i can play games after 2 3 years with this headset as normal vr user but again i find the way my own …this company promise fix the ghosting problem with 4k and promise many things all people buy just promises!!! this company is nice make the 8k is good jump ok i like it but… dont forgot from where you start PImax!!! the people support you with pimax4k !!! and you are now alive company!!! so fix this 1 update in firmware make it work good with pitool is so easy for you!!! that i ask me and many people not only me wait for somthing good … i want 1 pitool 1 firmware update with 1 button to chance 180 degrees mode 360 mode on my nolo because you advise us to buy nolo you remember pimax??? i pay for nolo 299 euro + 399 for pimax4k and i cant play yet without problem … after 2 years and what you say buy 8k!! 5k 1000 euro and without any controler includet you have to buy + extra money for controlers but you alredy take my money for pimax4 and i dont have play time yet … with it because off bugsssssss

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