383 and didn’t get my Pimax and very angry 😤



I do not know what to do with this company???
No answers Just promises… and nothing!!!
And now They don’t Answer at all

I am sorry about all this time and that I supported this company…



Which version 5k or 8k?


Pimax 5k…


Sorry to hear that. As backer 383 that’s VERY odd! So you’ve never received any headset ie not waiting for a replacement?


Yours is on spreadsheet as on the way to overseas warehouse.


Yes and … no tracking nothing …


Wow - have Pimax provided ANY reason?


Are you in the UK by any chance?


They said there was confusion and error and they told me 1 months ago it’s over see…


I’m impressed you waited this long before complaining - hope you get better news soon👍


might consider what Kevin said at CES @PimaxUSA

start at minute 9:50


:+1: Did that’s to…


Another day passed and there was no treatment from the company 383 :rage::rage::rage::rage:


383 is on spreadsheet as on the way to overseas warehouse. the same as most peoples hmd.


383 your headset arrived at HK warehosue ,they are arranging the delivery


Check my request in messages and topics
And do not ignore it.


Wow, way to go Pimax, telling backers that their units are just shipping out although reporting a long time ago that many more units have already left the factory.