4K for Sale (180 USD +shipping)


It’s been great while it lasted, but I have decided to sell my 4K.
It hasn’t been an easy decision because I still like to use it, but money doesn’t grow on trees, and having 2 headsets is a bit too much of luxury for my poor self.

Anyway, it’s the first gen 4K with the orange logo, and a real 4K screen (not the Business Edition), and it’s in good condition. It has been well-used but also well-treated. Everything works fine. It has nicks and scratches as you’d expect but nothing major. Lenses are in decent condition. I have counted two very minor scratches in peripheral vision but unnoticable except only in very bright scenes. Looks great in all games. Comes with a replacement face cover, not the original but superior to it.

I’ll sell for 180 USD plus shipping. Sending from Japan, so please factor that in.
If anyone is interested, PM me, and I will try to work out shipping costs etc. I’ll add photos later when I have time.