4K Playing Movies Kodi switches to portrait mode


Hi Guys,

Just installed Pimax on my new laptop: MSI GS73VR 7RF with Nvidia 1060 GTX. (i downloaded the latest Nvidia driver)
When playing a movie, kodi switches into portait mode instead of landscape.
I tried to switch back to landscape with windows settings, but everytime when i start movie kodi switches it back to portrait again.
When I unplug HDMI, Kodi plays normal in landscape mode.

When i use VLC to play, the image turns upside down??? (180°)

Please, someone knows the answer?
Thanks in advance.



Hi,have you closed the antivirus software when you manually upgrade your Graphics card? We suggest that you may manually upgrade your Graphics card and reinstall the Piplay software.If there is still problem, we are willing to connect to your laptop with remote control, please send the ID&password of Teamviewer13 to support@pimaxvr.com if you are available.Thank you.