4K trade-in/upgrade/rebate program


@Pimax-Support @xunshu

I recalled there being mentions of such a program. The only thing on the forums I can find was the mishap with the BE editions being sold as 4K’s.

So my question is:

Will there be a “program” of sorts where you could trade-in your 4K and get a rebate for a 5K(+) or 8K?
Or maybe just get a discount/kickstarter equivalent perks and price if you can prove you already own a 4K (something like a loyal customer thing).

Since the units are getting shipped real soon, so retail sales will not be that far away anymore, this is going through my mind right now :slight_smile:

(And since the HMD’s all look pretty good, no pledges for sale will pop up any time soon).


will share details of pre-order here when we are getting close to launch.


The loyal Pimax Customers would have backed the kickstarter…


As we all did…But some trade-in for future Pimax products for loyal 4K owners and 8K backers would be nice :slight_smile:


I can spend my money only once. Had other priorities back then.

Not a very nice comment.


Truth has no bias when it comes to niceties