5 months and counting


Hello Pimax, my order numbers are (5k+) P1521 and P122123. Still no tracking number or update on when they might be sent. Kristy replied but you say that she is a bot? My ticket number PRE-398 has had some replies, but it just sounds like stalling. @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang




Like for others, i add @mozi and @Heliosurge in the loop :slight_smile:


Hi the records shows that the P1521 has arrived our oversea warehouse, suppose you can get the tracking number in 3-5 working days. but for the P122123 I need double check internally.


Hi, update about your order, P1521 we will arrange the delivery from HK warehouse today, and then 1-3 business days you can get the tracking number. for P122123 it is for basestation, still need wait for a while, suppose we can update the plan in the near future.