5k+/8k how many degrees of movement?



M8 of mine just sent a txt saying the 5k+/8k is 3 degrees of movement not 6 :open_mouth:

This true? can’t be can it?


It has built-in gyroscope which enables it to do 3DOF, but can be used with SteamVR Tracking (basestations/lighthouses/controllers) for 6DOF.

He must be thinking about the 4K or he has no clue… :grin:


Yeah he’s one of those sorta people, he turned round n said he can’t see how VR could ever be a greater FOV than the current 110º rolleyes heheh.
Guys doing a Masters in Computer Science right now too, AND doing well heheheh.
But yeah I think he was getting mixed up with the 4k.

Thx for the reply! :slight_smile: