5K+ Band\Line Issue



I’m having the issue you can see in the image, in in the “VR Home” and games when I set the 5k+ to 90hz… seems to work fine under that… but I obviously want to use 90hz.
Anyone else have this issue and manage to solve it?

Tried different pitool version and nvidia drivers with the same result.


Have you ever tried using the headset’s power button? That split screen thing always happens to me when I have the headset on before booting the PC so I always turn the headset off manually when not in use. If I use the power button on the HMD after the PC is booted I always have no problem.
Also turning it off and on again works for me.
If that’s not the case, perhaps your HMD has a problem.


I’m hoping they resolve this soon (or someone else does once the source is available) but in the meantime, restarting the Pimax service resolves the issue (PITool > Settings > HMD > Restart Service).