5K basic early bird selling


Hi guys,

im selling my 5K basic early bird over ebay (i dont think its allowed to post a link).
Its sad to do this but my pc died and im not that interested in vr anymore.

if anyone is interested just search Pimax 5K Early Bird von Kickstarter
or pm me for a link

and sry for my bad english

Thank You


don’t see it on eBay yet, can you confirm that it’s possible to upgrade from 5K to 8K? how much are you asking?


look on ebay.de NOT ebay.com

400 Euro


I see it now, can you not make your auction accessible worldwide as it doens’t come on on ebay.co.uk when i search and It would be better to have ebay in the correct language for me.

what is your backer number?

if anyone can confirm that it can be upgraded to 8K at this time let me know


@Heliosurge please close the thread. thx!