5K+ first try session



Received this very day.

There’s no coming back. FOV, guys!
SDE may be 1/10th than OG Vive : that’s 90% improvement (very suggestive I know). Noticeable, yet really really good.

Firmware 181. Large Fov on 1080Ti/i7 4790K.
No cracks on plastic. Smooth installation, had to PC-restart.
No black dots with entire blue/red screen.
At first, moving world effect. Then IPD and HMD placement ajusted : better, still here but my brain seems to filter ! No need to grow VR legs all over again.

First wow moments : Blue (never seen the logo from Jurassic World 2 intro so clearly). Seen in Bigscreen Movie Pacific Rim (1, awesome), some 360 Ansel screenshots of my favorite games.

3 (minor) issues :
-From time to time, erractic white dots/snow appearing as fast as they disappear (2-3 pixels only on entire FOV for 3 secondes in 10mn). Cable seems ok.
-Somewhat annoying effect never heard or read about, like a ‘horizontal’ ‘vertical sync’ when moving rapidly in demanding sequences.
-some light leaking in around nose area, yet will be masked by hand tracking module :grin:

TLDR: VR 2.0 is here! Thank you Pimax!


Awesome Congrats! Have updated your title. @park posted some clip on Emi/rfi filters you find on some video cables. These might help with the pixel flashes. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Which cable should we be attaching the filters to, the DP cable or power cable or?? ThX!


Dp cable for sure. But might not hurt to get one for usb & power as have seen filters on them before.


Second session. Just have experienced offset with Vive controllers : both are not in the right place, yet tracking. Any community ideas on how to fix it? What’s wrong?


I’ll try that.

From u/quazimootoo on Reddit :

"Eventually with enough googling I found someone with a similar problem (can’t find the website/thread anymore) and they said to go into:


And delete all files and folders within this lighthouse folder."

Back home soon, let u know if it works…


Well seems to work with this workaround.
Had to run a diagnose, then it’s fine


Simple restart of pc fixed mine. Could see controllers in distance but tracked fine. Have had same effect in vive and rift before. I always just restarted to resolve.


OMGGGGG I’ve been waiting to rewatch it (my fav movie eva) for the third time, but I’ve been holding back to watch it in an imax screen when my pimax comes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: glad to see someone saying it was awesome!!! (And yeah the sequel was absolute garbage unfortunately…)


You must have the l/h reconised in pitool before turning on controllers or they will be offset