5K+ Fresnel Halos are really bad



I am not sure if you have ever seen this or any of the other god ray reviews. These are probably the reason why people are getting up in arms about your review (and because no one else has said anything like it).

We don’t know you… so we have to ask the stupid questions. 90% of the people asking for solutions to their problems on this forum either:

  • Didn’t bother checking for a solution (How many people made topics about games displaying improperly… only to find out they hadn’t tried parallel projections?)
  • They be all the dumb (or are just technically incompetent)


You’re right. You don’t know me, so fair enough to ask me those questions. Point taken. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video clip. I did see it when it came out but not since. It doesn’t look the same as what I’m seeing. I found this, https://xinreality.com/wiki/God_rays and while I’d say I expect them to more look like the vid clip you shared, neither example is what I’m seeing, I don’t think. Instead, I’m seeing halos- concentric rings that are just about sharp enough to count.

I am beginning to believe my eyes are just somehow too close - that the Fresnel pattern is meant for a pupil a certain distance from the lens and my eyes are not at the expected distance. I guess next steps for me are to try to come up with a foam solution that will put my eyes farther back.

That said, that won’t solve my gyro drift issue I posted elsewhere, so I may just box it all back up until lighthouses and controllers arrive - in 2022. :wink:


like this? (glare test)


There is a recent post with a default screen may make ipd setting easier. Search NPD or Near PD.


Thanks @IG88, the images marked as figure 10 and 11 are what I’m seeing, just not to that degree. So, not god rays. I guess officially they’re just called ‘glare’? I’d think ‘halos’ would be more descriptive. Nothing to be done about it then, I guess, other than trying additional padding.