5k+ Got mine! Review from daily vive user for almost 3 years (aesopfabled)



If you are a regular vr user, this thing is a god send.
If your familiar with vorpx, this will seem like a walk in the park.
If you wear glasses your probably no stranger to the edge distortion on large view as glasses have the same thing.
This device is a ghost pepper, the wow effect doesn’t kick in immediately. Get situated first and then you’ll get it.
The human mind already knows regular vision field of view, so when it’s there, its more like it’s something thats no longer disturbing your enjoyment.
I absolutely love the clarity. And what SDE? I can barely ever find it. It’s more like I see it but not sure if I did.
I wouldn’t throw a noob into this. I think new people should adapt to vr before a beast like this. Maybe if your new start on small fov.
I don’t get motion sick, and on large fov … still nothing. No, it’s not an “iron stomach”, its simply something that isn’t there for me, if that makes sense. So maybe some might not also suffer from sim sickness or need to “reacclimate”.
It’s def lighter than vive, build quality didn’t feel bad at all, the chevron is very pretty.
The IPD is ::critical:: to getting everything to your liking. Also how high or low on your face you wear it, and potentially how close to your eyes.
There is def something special with the ipd on this vs ipd on my vive.
There’s this 6th sense i believe us humans have were we- in a way- feel geometry in our mind, we sort of “taste” it. That had never worked for me on the vive correctly, but it does in this device.
I like the sense of depth better because of this.
The brightness is almost at vive levels, not nearly as bad as I was expecting. But I will never turn down an update that makes this thing even more awesome and vibrant.
I love the clarity. I had never seen the cannibals faces in the forest before today. Incredible.
I’d like waaay more settings to mess with to mediate performance and address any oddness from game to game the way you can in vorpx with game profiles. I don’t mind doing some tweaking.

Ive already attached my das using 10 pound grade adhesive Velcro and 6mm vrcover memory foam. I still need to shorten the top strap but otherwise no complaints. There was decent room for my eyes to get closer and when i did get them closer it was “holy crap” wow effect. Another words, when I pushed the lenses up to my eyes closer, it was very much ever bit of my field of view.

I couldn’t get pavlov to work it was double vision unfortunately as thats one of my favorite games Along with the forest vr. Tried changing the parallel projections setting but didnt work.

Tracking was as normal as the vive.

Controllers no longer require clicking in the forest and i dont know why lol

Anyone including vroasis and Nathie saying fov isn’t important, and they did say that recently, is wrong. It SO is. It seems field of view is intrinsically tied to presence in the world. Maybe they speak in words that reach a specific audience and not necessarily speaking definitively. So allow me to speak definitively:
If you thought field of view would let you feel more presence and feel more like your standing in the world- you are correct.
Is large field of view a game changer? Yes. I also no longer get surprise attacked by warthogs in the forest from the side lol. Yes those periphrials work, and help, and give you more to take in.

I think all of us know that this device is a work in progress and will only get better, smoother, sharper, more streamlined. So it feels weird to really highlight any things that might not be there tomorrow, especially once eye tracking comes means dynamic lens distortion profiles at which point the headset in my opinion is without flaw.

I want to personally thank @PimaxVR for giving us large field of view, when no other company would. Thank you SO much. Large field of view is the future and you set out to give us the future sooner, your a man after my own heart. Thanks again. It was worth the arduous wait.

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Nice, thank you for sharing your impressions. I can’t wait to get mine…

Is yours a 8k or 5k+?


thx for your impressions,indeed is it the 5kplus or the 8k?


According to spreadsheat @aesopfabled is backer #82 who changed to 5k+. @aesopfabled, please correct me if I am wrong and also thx for your inital impressions!


Sorry it’s the 5k+


Hi , I found being a bit further back gives a better image and I have both 6mm and 14mm foam so I put on the 14 mm and cut a piece of the 6mm for the nose part. For me it seems an improvement. Also waiting for sticky back velcro to attach the DAS.


Yeah I went to add my delivery and saw someone else filed my spot lol. I am # 82 indeed


I CAN’T WAIT!!! 20 char


Awesome and thanks for sharing.


QFT man. They really showed their bias or lack of professionalism with those comments. Then sort of tried to cover their backs by saying not important for “their specific VR audience”. Yet claim they are the purveyors of bringing VR to the masses. Sure Pimax might be expensive for the average person, but then again, so was the Rift and Vive when they first released.

I really hope once they both get theirs they are man enough to admit they could have worded things somewhat differently instead of making a mockery of their own ideals.


can you give some more impressions when you tried some more games please…


Great initial feedback and glad more people continue to clarify just how good the SDE is with the 5k+
I still feel like some people are mislead to believe that the SDE is so much better on the 8k when the difference is minimal while the clarity difference between both the headsets is definitely more pronounced. Congrats and I hope you enjoy the hell out of it, I was able to try both at a recent meetup so the wait is not as bad because I already know just how much of a game changer the FOV is and all those youtubers that say otherwise must be living under a VR rock. How can they possibly deny just how much of an impact the FOV makes to any experience. However Nathie managed to get one he should have been added to the end of the line and made to wait until everyone else received their headset.


thats great to hear about the screendoor,i made my switch to the 5k plus.

But after some people who saw them both i wanted to switch back to the 8k because the 5kplus was somewhat blocky in the picture they said.

So now i think i will keep my 5kplus pledge…

And also the 8k has some more distortion on the edges…


Haha. I understand, if I’d have to choose right now, man it would be hard, one person saying this, other saying that. Personally I feel right now based on what I’ve read that I should have bought the 8k. The 5k+ is too blocky for my taste (Btw it’s not so much the SDE but the pixel grid that disturbs me). But then again, others like here above say that the difference with the 8k is really small. I guess you won’t know until you really try them both yourself.

Anyway, happy you like it @aesopfabled enjoy!


I’m still content with getting both. Each and every time I read a review the pendulum swings the other way and I’m just gonna check for myself and sell the other one. I’m backer 4500 though so not sure if a comparison review would be needed by me at the time I get mine


I’ll be interested in which one you decide to keep, although it will be too late for me to change my mind. My 8K should arrive a week or 2 before yours.


now i am in doubt again lol,if the 5kplus is blocky it will be the 8k again lol
and do you see those black dots in the 5kplus?


Thanks for this. Im happy to see Im not the only one in here understanding the whole thing with wide FOV. It was a joy to read your first impressions.

Some people wont understand though. Others simply dont want to. It’s their loss, but its a shame these happens to be so called influencers infecting others.

Have fun and enjoy your 5K+! :wink:


when someone says fov isnt important just ask if they still use 4:3 tv or monitors :rofl:


The wide FOV is definitely a game changer but are you seeing as much distortion as I am @aesopfabled ? I’m not too bothered by it as I was expecting some and I’m just happy to have the FOV. But it’s very obvious to me on all FOV options. Even small. I’m worried others won’t be as forgiving. The immersion boost is amazing though!