5k+ Got mine! Review from daily vive user for almost 3 years (aesopfabled)



Well sometimes I don’t even see it or simply forget about it. Other times it’s quite obvious. All in all I really wonder now how the 8k looks.


I think Cas & Chary said it best. It will depend on the individual when it comes down to the SDE/Pixelly. Most coming from OG Vive & Rift are less likely to notice much of a difference.

Those of us that have experienced higher resolution VR are more likely to notice the difference. If you only receive 1 out of the 2 the majority will be happy with either.

But as more recent backer meet ups have demonstrated a lot of folks are seeing the difference. Larger pixels on the 5k+ & that the 8k is not as blurry as they were lead to believe. So we have just come full circle. And thus acheiving a broader balance.

As some have said some whom don’t get to try the one they didn’t receive maybe annoyed once they have tried the other with the choice they made. Feeling the other choice would have been better.

Even the meet ups don’t give one enough time to adjust & enjoy either headset fully.


I’m certainly with you on that. I feel that the center 40% is correctly distorted, but the 30% on the left and 30% on the right is geometrically incorrect. I’ve tried about anything, moving the HMD closer/further away, different IPD’s, moving the HMD around in circles but it always stays like that. I’m not sure why some people claim they don’t see any distortion problems at all, that’s a huge mystery to me. Still, like you said, the wide FoV makes up for it.


Yeah, from the reviews I got the impression only a select few could see it and they were being fussy. But it’s really really obvious. I’m not sure how everyone isn’t seeing it. Personally I’m cool with it but I feel like it may be more of an issue once more reviews start coming out from people who aren’t as forgiving. .

PiTools Version - great work!

As am I, but in reverse. I’m getting the 8K without ever trying a 5K+. I’m thankful that the 2 headsets are similar enough, so that the differences are fairly minimal. That’s the only thing that made my selection easier: Knowing that even if I make the “wrong” decision (compared to experiencing them side-by-side), I’ll still have a great headset.


This may be true yeah. It’s def there at large fov. I just don’t care if your looking straight ahead you don’t even see it,


Interestingly that @aesopfabled has been one the few Oled headset users to not mind/like the colors. @sjefdeklerk with you having Vive Pro what are your thoughts in colors?


Dude skyrim vr was so gorgeous it was like a window into where gaming is going. And how much more vr can really do to put you in a world. Skyrim vr just has such a convincing fantasy world and to feel this much like I’m in it is probably the mos a azin experience ever.


Indeed & Skyrim runs really well. @Fresco was/is testing this on his other 980ti rig on the 8k!


It’s because the human eye (and visual processing in the brain) is so amazing. You can learn to see correctly, upside-down*. Also, it might depend on your IPD or even the shape of your face (how close your eyes are to the lenses); any of these will affect your eye positions, and that DOES affect VR.

I wear “progressive” lenses in my glasses, a seamless multi-focal* (bifocal) type of lens. It takes a while (weeks) to get used to your first pair. A few years ago, I switched to a “stronger” lens-type. For 3 days, I felt like I was walking on top of a large ball (seriously). The view was somewhat like looking through a fish-eye* lens. The next few weeks, the distortion was much less pronounced, but things felt a little weird, sort of like walking downhill all the time. Now I switch from no glasses, to those, and notice a difference for only a few seconds (at most). I sometimes wear my old “less strong” glasses. I can “instantly” adapt to that also.

In a few weeks, you probably won’t notice the distortion either.




PS. The first link mentions being able to read upside-down. This is a skill I learned easily (without trying) when I worked as a student aide, helping users debug their computer programs.

True story: This was in the days of “batch” operation. Students would bring their “green bar”* printouts* of their program and lay it out on the large desk facing them. One day a friend noticed this “feat” and (in a loud voice) “How do you do THAT?” :laughing: My reply? “Do what?” Her’s “Do THAT?” Me: “What?” Her (finally), “Read upside down.” I’d been doing it so long at that point that I genuinely didn’t know what she was referring to.

In time, I learned to write upside down as well, which I can still do today, even though it’s a skill I haven’t actually used for decades.



Consistently you’ve been an interesting individual. Very intriguing.


Thanks! Actually, I have a few other uncommon skills, so I’ve been in the same “discussion” in completely different situations. (And no, I’ll keep those to myself. Feel free to use your imagination.) :slight_smile:


I enjoy that skill as well. I have used it many times. It was how I discovered my one boss prepared his morning speeches ahead of time for each day. Lol he had his book tilted enough I could read his book. His pauses which otherwise might look normal was him refreshing his memory.

Very handy skill.


This review is put me at ease now waiting for my 5k.
Now I’m getting more impatient lol


This is what worries me. I just got the Odyssey+ and the softer image to my eyes isn’t as good as a heavily SS rift for example in games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. However, the lack of SDE is very good. Yet the softer tone/no SDE is nice when watching movies/VR Porn or games like Minecraft. I am wondering then if these differences are similar to the 8K and 5K+?

Do you have an O+ and how does it compare to the 5K+ I figured to keep the O+ for those use cases above and then get the 5K+ for the others. However, it sounds like you are regretting somewhat. The German meetup attendees also cited your reasoning for preferring the 8K over the 5K+.


Only regret is not having the 5k+ AND the 8k :wink: No, I do really like the 5k+ but it has some things I would like to have seen improved and I just wonder how the 8k fits into that.

I’m hoping to receive my O+ today, or else tomorrow, will surely let you know how I like it in comparison!


Cool thanks. I just posted some impressions - Samsung Odyssey+ Vs Oculus Rift Review


I also notist immediately the distortion on the outer side of the edges, left right and down, most when moving around your head…
But today i notist that Large mode gives less distortion then the normal mode, i didn’t check out Large untill today. i think the distortions takes place in SUCH far away outer edge, that it’s less visible than with normal mode.


Thanks for the awesome review. My black Friday units on the way finally. Two weeks ahead of expected delivery


Cool man … badass review, I am eating my nails waiting for my 8K. I hope you take the best of it. :sunglasses: