5k+ Got mine! Review from daily vive user for almost 3 years (aesopfabled)



Thanks for a meaningful review.

Also with respect to you it’s absolutely not surprising what you say about FOV and anyone who has ever even hinted at FOV not being important is probably a bit dim. Or has had quinine poisoning. Of course it is vital to the feeling of presence and is a game-changer and this is why I for one have backed this and am hoping will be able to see past any flaws, in the same way that I have looked past Vive’s many flaws because of the awesome experience it offers.


That raises a good point. Here’s my thoughts when I first got my vive: the fov is super low, the sde is pretty rough.

My review of vive a few months ago: I love this thing.


a perfect example :joy:


try direct mode in steam settings, my elite dangerous had same problem till I switched to direct mode in steam VR :wink:


I think the issue with it is, that it is not so much the addition which will necessarily wow you (beyond the first minutes), but rather the removal, when you go back to 110° which then will seem awful. I understand this kind of sentiment that people may think that you’ll forget about the additional FOV after some minutes and no longer notice it, appreciate it. So that means it’s not worth the effort, the additional GPU load, etc. because you don’t really appreciate it, right ? It may seem like that when you are using the awide FoV headset and get annoyed with some flaws it has which your previous narrow-FoV device didn’t muster; but only when you actually do go back you will see that you can’t go down that route anymore.

VR is a world of compromise and will remain such for another while. To some this compromise may seem to be too costly - they’d have tro try it for a couple of days to see how going back makes them feel about their alternative.

And if you were into more active, wireless room scale VR I guess the Vive Pro with its wireless module simply may be checking more boxes with you that the Pimax would do today.


I couldnt have said it better.


To be more accurate. Vive is “Still” expensive. Only rift has lowered the price.

HTC are money grubbing bastards.


he recieved 3. and he is returning the 1st one due to dead pixels.

He is also going to give it away … once he gets a replacement. I get that hes basically the Press. But he didnt have to pay for any of them and now there are 3 less backers that have their headsets.

it will be just wrong if they replace his busted one before all backers have received theirs.


ouch…salty :smile:. Those sound like fighting words. Careful or those so called influencers wont want to be your friend. :grin:


i hear the distortion is worse in the 8k


honestly… I dont believe anyone is lying. Everyone has different eyes and facial shapes. The only reality is your own…

For example…

The rift has no screen door for me. Others say its bad.
Some say vive screen door is okay… First time I ever saw screen for was on Vive.(ive tried all headsets except pimax)
Some will swear Odyssey+ is super uncomfortable… but to me its super comfortable. My wife put it on and couldnt play for more than 2 minutes without severe discomfort… turns out her tiny head causes the nose part to cut into the bridge of her nose…there was a huge red line. Ouch.

bottom line…as Stone Cold Says… “DTA.Dont Trust Anybody”


now imagine it with cybershoes.:blush:


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“I just read your entire post by turning my phone upside down” :laughing:

Good job! I didn’t have to turn my computer monitor or my head upside down to read and retype your post.

I find this sort of thing easy, perhaps because I’m slightly dyslexic.


i cant tell if the last sentence is sarcasm😏


3 less reserve units as these were never going to backers.


You make it sound like they have an infinite number of spare HMD`s, surely they would be better off keeping them for replacements for the backers when they find they have a bad HMD.


No & not considering they sent out a reserve unit with dead pixels.


They also sent one with dead pixels to a you-tuber, not very clever :slight_smile:


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