5K+ horizontal black lines (ticket 16298)



I raised a support ticket last week after noticing horizontal black lines at certain viewing angles - this occurs with PP and SS on or off.
When I reported the issue I said both screens but after further checking it appears to be only the right screen affected.
They do not appear all the time or in all of the screen but only at certain viewing angles and always in a sort of wave pattern.
Has anyone else experienced this and can @SweViver help with my support ticket?
I have made a mock up of how the pattern might look when magnified by about x5 (the lines are very thin), imagine the blank canvas behind is the image you are viewing and the wave pattern going all the way across. Also it is not a scientific recreation of the pattern, just random lines I have drawn to represent it.
I have not fully checked in all games but his happens in Xplane all aircraft types.


Okay just tested in Steam Room and the effect is more noticeable and the lines alternate in colour.
Again, I believe only the right screen is affected.
Either screen is broken or the cable but I’m going to say screen since only one side is affected.
Pimax Support are supposed to respond in 24hrs, I raised this a few days ago and have heard nothing but an automated response.
My HMD is not usable in this state so I need either a replacement or support to fix the issue ASAP.


Hi Dan! This doesnt look normal, but as the “pattern” is different depending on what VR experience you are running, I wouldnt say this looks like a panel issue. It could be software related as well. Anyhow, I see you have created a support ticket now and we will take care of it from now on. Lets continue the communication in the private message you sent me yesterday!



Hi Martin, it is in every game and only in one panel so I think more likely hardware and only the background image or the way the game is is drawn affects the pattern slightly.
IT is now almost a week since I raised the initial support ticket with only a response stating it had been received.
I have included a link to this thread.
Could you please follow this up for me as I believe I may need a replacement HMD but at the very least need some support to try to fix the issue first.


Still awaiting support. :pensive:


…And Im still trying to get this rolling with the support guys, Dan, Im really sorry for the delay. We will sort this out shortly!


Had Wythe Huang contact me by email today asking me to download teamviewer and requesting ID and password.
What ID and password are required? I am loathed to give out my PC ID password so it can be remotely accessed, pretty sure I have remote access disabled too.


I am supplying an Xplane screenshot mockup of how things appear through the right lens.
The wave pattern exists all software thought it may be slightly different and colours as depicted above.


Still received no support, only excuses and promises that are broken.
Have requested a return and refund, no reply as yet.


The purpose is to get remote help, most likely doing some software tweaks on the PiTool side. Many Pimax users have gotten this personal help through a Teamviewer session, and there is nothing to worry about.

As you were asked for the ID and password and didnt reply with any follow up, Im not sure there is anything the support team can follow up with.

Also, the weird thing is that I cannot find your ticket 16298 anymore…?


Can you send me the screenshot of your ticket email via PM?