5k How to buy ? My relatives live in the USA. Can I buy 5k plus for them today?



Hello. My relatives live in the USA. Can I buy 5k plus for them today? I know that there are problems with their production and delivery. Explain to me how I can buy your product.


You can purchase from pimaxvr.com but will be waiting for the remaining backers and the pre order guys to get their headsets 1st.

Faster option would be to check eBay, as there are units on there where backers have received a unit and decided to on sell it.

Good luck finding a unit



|ORDER P124228|

I bought a 5k plus yesterday because the store said in stock. I received an email that we are preparing your shipment.

Now I read here that Backers and pre-paid have not been fulfilled and ahead of me.
What is the real situation? If it is true that many others are ahead of me you should remove the in stock claimer on the website…

What is the real estimated delivery time?

All of this was said from a happy person. Please keep me happy. :slight_smile:


This is a community forum, we do not work for pimax and cannot change their stock levels.

But it has been said so many timea that pimax will fulfill the backers orders before anything else - these are nearing completion according to pimax officials… But there are backers on this forum that have not had their headsets yet…thia might be the difference in the time if pimax sending and the customers receiving through the various customs and courier companies. then those people that pre ordered consumer versions are waiting for theirs. So when they are all shipped then yours will ship.



Thanks for your info. I thought this forum was being run by Pimax.

I had never visited the forums until last night.


This is the official pimax forums, and some pimax staff are members here, the community here will try to help with questions or suggestions on best VR experience but official support you need to use the support link in the top banner and sign on there - you will get a ticket number and a official pimax support employee will manage your ticket. This forum are for people wanting to discuss the pimax products and vr in general.