5K+ Impressions after 2 days



As pimaxusa said there just back in the office. Hopefully answers will come soon.


depending on region there are also longer periods where company’s “close”
like Christmas (3-4 days), carnival (1 week) , …
there are also summer holiday where big company’s (like car manufacture) close for 2-3 weeks
if its a bigger company usually another region will catch that (national or international, depending on size and event)
pimax is a small company more like a start up, if they grow and establish offices in US and Europe then the support will not go off line in the future because of CNY

I don’t want to work on Christmas, that’s time for the family and i understand people in china for having CNY and travailing home (china is big and i guess flying will not be able for most people), at some points you will have to respect national customs and compensate in a different way, i’m pretty sure there are also times that are “off limits” in the UK
i guess in your language it might be “try walking in my shoes” (in chinese shoes in that case)

btw. did you ever tried to handle a vr support case with HTC? even if its a bigger company, its no good even without CNY


What’s the status of the 10m cable? I paid $80 for it, don’t want to waste money and buy extension cables. (What kind of extension cables does it require btw? Anyone knows?)

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I just tried this mod, it makes me able to use my correct IPD while sacrificing some FOV. I think it’s a worthy trade off. This is ok for now, but I would like something more solid, adjustable in the hardware.


I agree, we have different holidays but without people to cover them they will destroy a business, here people say uugh I had to work new year or xmas, you can’t just have no one :wink: and comparing them to HTC who have sold probably literally billions or iterations of products over many years isn’t a good comparison, if anything a smaller company should be able to give better support to it’s smaller consumer base. Currently we have terrible customer support with a small consumer base, heaven help them it seems to be growing faster than they can grow.


We used to at one time. Flea markets used to be able to thrive as no stores were open on a Sunday. Imho a lot on the idea of family time has been lost in many places in favor of :money_with_wings:.

Customer support has been excellent & not so good at times.

They will get there. They just need the time to do so. With the good folks of the community we have here to help make it so. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Linux is one example of how powerful community can be. Rise of the :penguin: army! :smirk:


I’m behind them 100% I like to identify what I perceive to be a potential consumer issue for them, nobody has messaged me regarding my ticket or my last message to dallas, I don’t really care as it wasn’t a significant issue, but it’s very telling that I haven’t yet got a support link to reset my pass nor any official message in my inbox with any instructions nor apologies, you know the normal shit we take for granted :wink:


also a reminder, they havn’t started retailing yet, just kickstarters and maybe e few pre-orders

it looks like they might be there in a few month, having a good community might be ok for kickstarters but if they start retailing that’s not going to help, if people have a 2 week send back policy (like where i live) than without proper instructions/software and support the rate of people sending back the unit might be huge, if i see all this about ipd (“near” ipd) and proper foam and placement …
also retailing without a proper head strap, if they cant deliver there own with it they might consider delivering it with 3d printed (Vive) DAS adapters

on one point they need to start retailing now to use the time they are ahead of valve (and maybe oculus) but in the state like it is now imho they may think about stall retailing for 2-3 month to get support in line and deliver with proper head strap


I do agree things need to have a lot more polish applied. But we do stilk have companies like Samsung half assing things as well. There are while hard to believe folks whom don’t like tge fancy head mounts (I am not in that camp btw). Look at the O+.

Because of this short sightedness has opened doors for clever folks like @Davobkk to make business of selling mods to improve comfort.

VrCovers came to be to fix the need of face foam (folks buy for Vive, Oculus etc).

A one design fits all only works in the comic books with Legion Rings & Unstable Molecule Costumes for heroes & villians.

As for return & support models yes needs to be improved for mainstream sales. But atm those who can afford are still a niche market.


You need a USB and a DisplayPort extension cable.

@SweViver has tested with generic/cheap 5m cables without issues. It’s in the big review video.

EDIT: Link to relevant part of YouTube review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcZ0CXP0qgU&t=577s


With adding a second set of face foam, doesn’t that then reduce the FOV? My intention is to only ever use the widest FOV setting as thats literally the only reason I’m buying a 5k+.


True. I’m in the US and the company I work for has mandatory vacation between Christmas and New Years. They lower the heat, turn off all the lights, etc. to save on utility bills, so you literally cannot work in the office.


So no point in getting it if i have ipd 60? Thanks


It does reduce the fov slightly but the benefits outweigh the drawback. I mean if your fine with your eyes pressed against the lenses and your nose pinched by them as well and the distortion causing motion blur on the sides of your vision. Then by all means continue to use it the way it was shipped. But if you want a wide fov little to no distortion and possibly the comfortable headset, then double up!


There is a json file for the hmd in the runtime directory. It has an ipd value in it of 63. As this is not my ipd it must be a min value & soft ipd min might be adjustable here. Need to test changing it.

Be better tested I think by a user whom needs a lower value. Increasing this might offset max value.


Just because the 10 meter cable is available as an accessory doesn’t mean Pimax plan on sending it any time soon . I have lost count of how many times I have asked when it will be delivered and I have never received a response . So now it looks like I have to buy extension cables while I wait for Pimax to send the one I have already paid for so what was the point of buying the the Pimax 10 meter cable ?


I never said anything about when it would be available as like the deluxe head mount & hand module; we don’t have a confirmed release as of yet.


Yeah people saying even though you already paid Pimax for a cable, face foam, head mount, LHs, controllers… we should just totally go and buy them again despite having no use for doubling up on each.
Do the Pimax apologists realise that is basically an admission there’s no way Pimax are competent enough to buy a cable on amazon, you will have to do it yourself because it won’t be coming soon.


No. I call it if you really can’t wait for an item to release we have to option to change things.

For example some have chosen to buy Og vive Lhes & controllers. I thus far myself am still content on waiting; enjoying what I can in the meantime.

It’s a choice not an apology at all.

So no admission of that as it’s a choice not a nessity. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


This is the thing , how hard is it for Pimax to get there cable manufacturer to make a batch of 10 meter cables ? But they just won’t do it .