5K+ Impressions after 2 days



I don’t actually include you in the apologists. You took on the role the community asked you to and do try to keep things smooth and positive. You are still willing to say pimax have fallen down on occasions.

Others may well choose vive LHs and controllers but unfortunately we got suckered into pimax ones that no one is expecting soon. The solution of go and buy another is an admission, conscious or not, that they are not expecting pimax to deliver soon…even a 3rd party cable they will buy off the shelf so to speak.


But again is not a choice to buy? I am in the same boat & while it would be good to have now. I am choosing to enjoy what I can & wait.

Suggesting a solution for here & now of a purchase isn’t imho apologizing for pimax. Just an acceptance of what can be done for the “must have it now folks”.

As with anthing waiting sucks as we have generally used to having things quickly. Like going to the store for example.

Generall truth all involved wished things went according to original projected timeline.

Like the folks who backed Star citizen. Etc.

:beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: I’d really like to play Beat Saber & other games in my library that need extras I don’t have.


Sorry I don’t mean suggesting a purchase is apologising for pimax. I’m coming from an observation some people get upset if anyone says anything negative about pimax even if it is truth.
Sometimes the same people push the solution to others not having the accessories they paid pimax for, as being go and buy it again because it’s so easy it’s sitting on the shelf.
I would assert that stance actually stands on a belief, conscious or not, that pimax will not be delivering anytime soon that which can be bought off the shelf now. I notice they don’t suggest pimax buy that cable for us with our money they took from us for that cable. There is a premise to their suggestion that pimax are just incapable of buying a cable they already took our money for.
I’m in no rush personally. Gave up on that about a year ago. And I have my upgrade now in Od+.
It’s totally looking like my pimax will be sent back to China in any case. I’m about to go overseas for a month. If pimax are telling the truth, which I don’t rely on at all in any way, shape or form, but if…then my hmd is in Hong Kong about to be sent soon with no way of tracking…and will either sit in the weather for a month waiting to be stolen or returned to China. Meh, what can I do? Won’t drastically change my life.


This is the issue I face too, and I am astonished that I hardly read anything about it here for many weeks when people started to receive their devices and now within a couple of days there are a few complaining about that exact issue. Weird.

I indeed have applied the Vive DAS, a VRCover thicker foam I still had from my Vive and tried using a small form factor pair of glasses (which still feels a bit inconvenient as it is pressed into my face). It is on an tolerable level now, but it doesn‘t feel as natural as my Rift or Vive do. But the clarity & FoV of course are upgrades which make it impossible to go back entirely to the two other HMD‘s, but due to this and even more, the hassle of changing various settings every time you want to play another game, with the added risk of some kind if non-recognition of the HMD or LH boxes or controllers will let me only use it for a number of applications while I might go back to my Rift for others where the benefits of the 5K+ are not as important.


when it comes to DP it would be that simple but also having the same for usb does require a powered repeater/hub, so its not just a longer cable but its also not that complicated
just using a pre made 5m extension for DP and USB, there are huge amounts of that stuff available in china but its not very nice if you have 3 separate 5m extension (power needs one too), people would at least expect it to be “one” cable and that means custom cable with all its extra money an specs, so you might be better off making a real 10m cable (custom hmd connector) with a usb repeater after about 5m in that cable and that needs planing, testing, …

thats something that could have been done already, not much dependencies on other companys like with the lighthouse2 units, it does not need a vr expert, sounds more like a task for a intern in tech. department


Okay I can see where your coming from on both points.

With shipping (not trying to give false hope) I have tagged 2 folks in Australia. So hopefully you & others in that area receive your headset before you have to go.

And yes I agree at times folks are eager to pounce on either side of fence. But we’re all getting better than we were. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


With your help. I appreciate what you do. People don’t need to be in agreeance or have same opinions for me to take a liking to and I’ve grown a liking to you. Do what the community asks, cop heaps of crap for it, do pretty good at mediating between being the peacekeeper and still not becoming someone different even though that’s so difficult, and manage to keep your chin up. Impressive stuff.


I dont think the pimax accessories are coming any time soon. Look at the lack on information about their progress.
Apparently simple things, still not done months & months on.
In my opinion (not that it’s a good thing) its sensible to buy vive accessories right now.
these hmd’s may be old gen by the time we get them.
I’m looking at them as if they were unicorns right now.
They dont exist & if/when they do, they’ll prob be more like a horse with an ice cream cone glued on its head anyway.


The term you are looking for is “fanboy”


Flinnt, thank you that means a lot. Like you said at times not easy. But I do try my best & always appreciate the community also helping me to stay grounded. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Here’s those pics I promised. https://photos.app.goo.gl/b821gJsDQ8fchZhb8