5k+ Impressions



Got my 5K+ a few days ago but tonight is the first chance I had to really use it. I also have a Vive, Rift and Odyssey for comparison.

The 5K+ arrived in good condition with no broken or damaged parts. It doesn’t have any stuck or dead pixels and no back light bleed. The headphone jack is also fine. I installed my DAS on it which works very well.

I did have connection issues when setting the HMD up. PiTool kept indicating that the headset was disconnected. After much trial and error I discovered that the USB controller on my mainboard was apparently overloaded, because when I tried plugging the headset into a dedicated PCI USB card it connected just fine. It does take between 35 to 40 seconds for the headset to be recognized when turning it on though. I wish this was faster and wonder if it is because I am having to use the PCI USB card.

I also had a lot of trouble with SteamVR crashing with a VR Server error. This really had me stumped for a minute because SteamVr worked fine with my Odyssey so I figured it had something to do with the 5k. I eventually discovered that the issue only happened when I connected the Vive controllers. From there I figured out it was the program Natural Locomotion causing the issue. After uninstalling that it worked fine.

The FOV is definitely the star of the show. There is a very dramatic difference, especially when going back to one of the older headsets after using the 5k+ plus. I have played on Normal and Large FOV. There is distortion at the edges but it isn’t too bad and I have already found myself getting used to it such that it isn’t very noticeable when playing.

The clarity is also very nice. I immediately noticed it while in the SteamVR game selection screen. Very crisp text and images. When starting up Skyrim I also noticed it right away and even the distant view looked much clearer and sharper than it had on my Odyssey. This combined with much greater FOV makes for a great experience.

I didn’t see any SDE in Skyrim but I wasn’t looking for it either. I also tried out Big Screen and I did see a little SDE when looking at a movie. The movie still looked great but there was minor SDE. The SDE was still better than what I see on my Odyssey when looking at movies, but the Odyssey’s great black levels really shine when watching movies.

I found the colors to be pretty good. Especially in Robo Recall which is a very colorful game. The blacks are definitely grayish but they are acceptable to me.

Tracking was fine as I expected considering it uses the Vive system.

Overall a very solid HMD and definitely the best one that I have at home. Look forward to trying it in other games now that everything is setup and working well.


Happy to see you have a DAS attached. Recently I have become a fan of the combo. 5K+ is a solid step above the current headsets, but the head band surely doesn’t look “nextgen”. I have been playing much longer time with the DAS mod.


what is youre backer number? just so i can know how many people already received it


Great to hear, so excited that all pre black friday orders will be getting an audio strap. Hope it’s as good as the vive das.


Mine arrived on Dec 11th. I was backer #63 so my number isn’t a good judge of how many have received because it is much lower than many others who have already gotten theirs. Was a long wait but it was worth it now that it is here.


give your impressions please after you tried some games…