5K+ Losing tracking / screen goes grey whenever I touch the headset to refit on head


Whenever I touch the 5+ headset the screens go grey and the tracking is all over the place.
Is this normal? It takes a while for the image to get back to normal and usually the tracking is all wrong during the process, but it gets fixed itself eventually.


Are you using one or two basestations? Does it happen no matter where you touch the headset in order to refit?


Hmm… It all looks good now… I don’t know if that’s because earlier today I connected Vive to check if stations firmware was OK. I also had tracking issues when the headset was laying on my desk - which now I do not have - and - the stations go to sleep, too!
It must have been connecting the Vive then!


I have the same problem with my 8k, I feel like it happens when pressing on the sides. I have 2 BS that worked well with my Vive.


i got the grey screen too
i use PItool 95
and it looks like it has to do something with the sleep modus
it says something like this: " headset is in stand-by-modus. move it to wake up."
using the power button to turn off and on works. after turning it again on im in steamvr menu…