5K or 8K Would you swap pledge


Well 1440p uoscaled to 2160p per eye if you want to be Technical. :smirk:


For pixel density per screen looking up a 5 to 6" 1440p lcd mobile display should be close to or exact.


Thats just more confusing than helpfull ,i looked this up and got something like 725ppi on a 7" diaginal is this the 5K ppi or is it still 500ppi for the 5K do we know


the 5K is not OLED right? its the same screen as the 8K right? otherwise i would think about it…
now that i have to wait maybe a long time i’m thinking about switching from 8K to 8KX if that would be possible? Hope by then they use the new announced cable.


What is important is PPD not PPI. Pixels Per Degree, so you have to divide the ppi with the FOV. Unfortunately the lower FOV setting of 170 will not improve the ppd because it simply does not use part of the screen (for the FOV 171-200)…


if thats the case 5K should look worse than the vive standard ?

448 / 110 vive

500? / 200 5k


In response to the question asked: no.

I will stick with the 8K. For one it will offer the potentially better picture due to more pixels (even if upscaled, still should reduce aliasing). Secondly, we may see a hardware mod/upgrade to an 8K(X) being offered by Pimax at some point in future if the demand is big enough. With 5K screens you‘r done, nothing to mod.


Sub pixels per degree is better to use.

Oled (pentile) = 2
Lcd (rgb) = 3


Testers will give in-depth reviews of 5K and 8K, then you will have a better idea.


Great! I’m very interested in what they have to say. I originally backed the 5K, but later decided on an 8K because of reduced SDE.


This might be a very wise descision. You get to decide which one you like most and keep it and sell the other probably at a profit anyway


That was my plan! :wink:


i was just winging it ,though now i wished i had just waited for the cosumer version to come out ,
black and white if you know what i mean


Found this www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHwovRCBiz0 (5k) He said he thinks its slightly better than the vive pro (5k) this is making me think about what might slow the 8k,s potentials at the moment as far as the gpu need factor ,20th will tell how much more performance we can or can not look forward to as far as gpu,s are concerned ,if its only something like 15% it may be prudent to change to 5k until the power is there ,but of course we haven’t heard from testers yet.
@SweViver i know its not an answer for now but is there any method of working out how much more performance we would need to get a smooth 8k sample rate on one of the most demanding Games if you get what i mean


I’m planning to get an 1180Ti, just to be on the safe side.


your link isn´t complete or down.


i would swap to 8kx if possible^^


sorted sorry didnt try it


At this very moment there is no need for “resarch” and it will more or less finally come down to a simple question:

Will you be ready to pay substantially more for an 8k and sufficient PC for the gain in details and lesser SDE?

Since all the pledges have been paid you simply have to wait for the detailed offer that PimaxVR will put on the table for swapping an 8k pledge into a 5k one with accessories. I guess there will be no money back option. So the money is spent and for most i assume there is no easy choice of enough extras to make the swap worth it. The pledge for a 8k was 100$ more compared to the 5k. And then many extras come for free as Stretch Goals already.

In most cases I would think being that late in the overall project a sufficient GPU should be affordable for the ppl that backed the 8k back then.

So the very basic answer is - wait and see.


Look at the last minute, dont evaluate your questions and drive blindly ,bravo thats got to be the worst idea yet ,[quote=“mazi, post:42, topic:7312”]
Since all the pledges have been paid you simply have to wait for the detailed offer that PimaxVR will put on the table for swapping an 8k pledge into a 5k one with accessories.

How will you summarize your decision if you dont have the answers? or are you basing your personal choices on EXTRA,S after waiting an extra year for this unit i would most certainly want to know and have had time to decide if a swap is a good idea and not pushed into a decision thats had a year to collect its self or is this forum for none related topics as pimax has already offered a swap or didnt you get that memo ?

I think you will find a hundred topics avoiding the wait and see policy although not much choice with the nda at the moment

so while considering this its very very relevant to have lots of comparisons and info and not just a list of extras

This isn’t all as of yet as we dont know ? we have heard of games being optimized will this mean less distant rendering ect to get 8k rendering before downsampling that the 5k will not need

will text be clearer on the 5k than 8k

will we have to use 6k sampling most of the time because most games will not run 8k

will 1180 be enough of a jump for the 8k or will it enable SS + some on the 5K that makes it better better

will the 5k support wireless sooner than 8K

and some

rant over