5K plus defective on arrival



Since ordering a 5k plus back in Nov 2, 2018, it arrived defective, totally unusable on March 1st 2019. No resolve for months. Ordered a second unit after sending back the first, the second came in defective as well with the same problems. Finally got some resolve, but I’m out over $110.00 between return shipping and incomplete refund.
Why isn’t quality control on top of this? Why is Pimax sending out defective units? How can I be assured that if I order a 3rd unit that it will be completely functional?? Also, I’ll never order another unit directly from China. It took 5 months for any resolve.


You can demand them to reimburse shipping cost by sending them the delivery invoice.

Also about the defected replacement units,

it will get better soon.



I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

In order to ensure the quality of the following after-sales products and avoid other defects of the after-sales headset.

Beginning next month, we will send you the headset that has passed the test directly from Shanghai. It won’t take a long time because we will send the headset to you from Shanghai through UPS.

Also, please don’t have to worry, North America can provide return label services. Next, we will open up the return label service in more countries.

If you are willing to wait until next month for your shipment, please go to Helpdesk to submit the ticket, our customer staff will provide services for you. Thank you

However, before after-sales service, we still need our technicians to help you determine your product defect.

Thank you for your great support.

Please visit helpdesk.pimaxvr.com.

Yours sincerely,

Pimax 8k left LCD is off

Hello Matthew, this is an email I received from Amazon, and also from Pimax.

Pimax 5K Plus VR Virtual Reality Headset with Wide 200°FOV, Dual 2560x1440p RGB LCD Panels & 6 DOF Tracking, 1-Year Warranty, [Headset Only]

|List Price:|$999.00|
With Deal:|$635.20 & FREE Shipping . [Details] FREE Returns
Return this item for free
In your last response you asked if I can wait till Sept and you’ll send out apre tested defective free unit. Are these units going to be the latest compared to what Amazon is offering at a sale price with free delivery and free returns, or would I be safe in ordering this deal they are offering from amazon? Also I mentioned my refund was short of what I paid, and also I paid return shipping for a total of $110.00. Are you going to look into getting me the $110.00 as a result of receiving a defective unit? I can apply that to ordering another headset. I have a 4k with no problems, and am one who tries to keep up with the latest, and will no doubt order the next generation headset when ever that may be.
Thanks for your help on this, will greatly appreciate it if you can help me with this.
Warmest regards,
Richard Serra


Dear Rich,

This is an event in Amazon USA Station, and the event will end at 3 p.m. GMT+8 this afternoon. Thank you.


Hi Rich,

I also have a few questions for you to answer. Thank you.

  1. ‘Also I mentioned my refund was short of what I paid’ Do you mean that you have applied for a refund?
  2. Do you sent back the defective unit? Are you keeping the unit for the second replacment?
  3. Regarding the return shipping of $110, do you have submitted it to the helpdesk? Please upload your invoice and we will reimburse it for you.

Thank you.


Hi Matthew, regarding your questions,

  1. yes a refund was granted but not the full amount.
    2 The unit was sent back in original pristine condition as it wasn’t used because it was defective.
    3 The $110.76 is a combination of shipping charges and the rest of the refund amount which Is what the amount I stated, and I submitted the invoice showing the charges when it was first requested.
    A refund for $715.74 was given, but the original purchase I paid was $749.00 USD. Combine the difference, $33.26 plus $77.50 I paid for shipping for a total of $110.76.! I’m resending the invoice.


I see. I’ll help you create a ticket for your questions and let our service staff help you. Thank you


Thank you Matthew, as soon as I can get rest of my refund, I can order another headset. In one response you asked me to wait till Sept to get one. Is there an added advantage of any kind, and would you steer me to the right site for ordering again?
Warmest regards,
Rich Serra


The original planned September 16 Pimax Day could be delayed for several days. So, please wait for our notice. Thank you.

[Pimax official] Notice of Mid-Autumn Festival in China

I can tell you that after buying my headset in September 2019 there is no change in your shipping of defects. I doubt if PIMAX has even defined what is Critical to Quality. If they had I would not have received a headset with a lens you can’t see though. Your customer service is also appallingly bad and unresponsive.


Perhaps with new supply’s of the units, they may have eliminated a lot of defects. Let’s hope so. My first was a 4k that came defective. Then a 5k plus, defective, then another 5k I ordered came in defective. And so I’ve been advised to wait till after Sept 16th to order another unit, but they did say they may be delayed. Missed a fantastic deal at Amazon. A 5k plus for $635.00 included shipping. Incredible. But maybe they might have been part of the defective units as well.