5k plus landed in Poland :-)



Batch 3 #493 - Quick delivery this time , Sunday got DPD UK tracking number a today they delivered the parcel to my house. Checked , installed no issues or dead pixels. Thank you Pimax !

…sims impressions very soon…


Wow. New loot! congrats. What HOTAS are you running?


Virpil Moongost T50 throttle + Virpil WarBrd base with Constelation Delta grip


Just looked on their website. Quality looks amazing!

How is Elite compatibility? Would you recommend the constellation throttle?


Yea I can recommend this hotas for ED and IL 2 sturmovik but they need to polish software side.
IF you not playing sim racing games like me I would suggest you another Virpil grip (T50) without “twist” and use flight sims pedals like MFG Crosswind. I dont have space for that and not interested switching pedals


Wow, congratulations! Greetings from Toruń;) I slept through a kickstart and have to settle for a preorder;)


Awesome, Im happy for you Piotr!! :grinning:


Dzieki Marcin :slight_smile:
Still thinking about 5k BE as a better choice for me…


The first BE review samples will be sent as soon as available, according to Xunshu last night. I will try to arrange some kind of backer+enthusiast meetup comparing the 8K and 5K+ vs the 5K BE, maybe with the help of VR Space and Pimax if they are interested :slight_smile:


dont forget about X-tal , bring one unit please :wink:



Pimax change logo on the box? Look more beautiful (like nolo vr box).


Watched your livestream about XTAL. You gave some interesting information :slight_smile: It sounds like you were really impressed with what you saw

It would be my dream to try the lens and panel samples! So glad your getting involved with these professionals!


Thanks man. Yeah it was really impressive and some of the tech was…quite mind blowing to say the least. Its definitely going to be standard for VR in 1-2 years. And the best part, its not gonna be crazy expensive. I have my doubts that XTAL can ever reach the low price of Pimax, but if they can make it around 1500-2000 for the final headset its definitely gonna be worth to save up for!


I hope that they have great non frensel lenses like GearVR mod


Yes, custom non-Fresnel lenses, quite thick and totally glare free. Glare was completely gone on the current XTAL headset we tested with SteamVR games/sims.
Lets hope they can keep those lenses for the cheaper gaming headset.


Did they tell you what vendor the 4K OLED was from. It’s well known multiple companies are working on these. It may have been the Samsung panel in the Pic? They started developing that 2 years ago. The odyssey+ already has the 1600P SDE free panels they were demonstrating 6 months ago


Unfortunately nothing was told about vendor or details and even if they did I wouldn’t be able to disclose it yet…

Hmm a REAL 1600ppi panel or the “percieved” blurry Odyssey+ panels? :thinking:


That ones the real deal. Its only the 616PPi panel that has the SDE filter. Also 250nits and 120hz on the 4k Panel. That’s big VR orgasm material right there :wink:



If I’m reading this right, the bottom picture seems to be of a “screen” that has two 1920x1080 screens @ 2.43" each, combined? So it’s two “ea” (each?) per eye to make a total of 3840x2160? Not a bad idea actually. Pretty sure eMagin said they can “stitch” their screens together too.

Edit: nevermind, you’d need 4 screens for that to work. Who knows wtf that “ea” is.

Edit 2: Wait, maybe they mean they can stitch 2 together to make it wide FOV. so a total of 7680 x 2160? That would be insane.