5k plus landed in Poland :-)



It is confusing. Perhaps they were displaying two 2.43" displays making a total of 4K. Who knows it could be a Korean typo :slight_smile: Either way its a game changer when it gets into a headset


Hi Yata, review on the way?


maybe :slight_smile: need to play a bit longer with this headset


Still waiting for your impressions Piotr :slight_smile:
Good enough for simracing? :slight_smile:


Still happy with the rEvolve headstrap? :slight_smile:


Czesc. For Sim Racing this is the best headset on the market that for sure but you need 1080/1080ti or better. I will share my impressions over this weekend. Still testing , adjusting seetings & applying MODs mostly for: ED, IL2 BoS, AC, PC2, Dirt Rally & Skyrim VR. You may check also my very short xmass movie :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm1ga5ad9B4&lc=z22eiv3whzugwr2taacdp434qgbeuptjhgsin5j1cnpw03c010c


Yes. I was happy when I have it attached to my OG Vive so comfort is about the same or even better because Pimax seems to be lighter .Now I need “vr frame for corrective lenses” to get clear focus & even better comfort inside hmd


Nice! :slight_smile:

Thinking about follwing your example, if Pimax takes a lot of time with their own proper strap, so if your experiences have given you ideas for modifications to better suit the 8k/5k, please do consider sharing them. :slight_smile:


1080ti here :slight_smile: great news! And nice rig! T
What headphones are these?


HD 800 , below YT movie is listed all HW


not a review but setup guide :slight_smile:


Could you do a similar test for DCS?


Nice headphones for gaming rig :slight_smile: