5k Plus screens are always blank



I have been struggling for last 24 hours to make headset work. I have tried 4 different machines with different configs, and I am getting same result - Pitool: Everything OK; SteamVR: Everything OK; Screens in headset - completely blank.
If I start SteamVR mirror, I see the image, and tracking works fine on it. I have tried reinstalling PiTool, steamvr, replugging cables on BOTH sides (on headset side as well).
I think my unit is just defective.
Is there anything else I could try?

@Pimax-Support. @Sean.Huang

2 months waiting for replacement

I was able to start screens once, for about 10 seconds. It was showing planet or smth, but there was a lot of white lines flickering on the screen, plus “Snow” or “Noise” everywhere. And then image dissapeared, background went black with inly white lines jumping around. Then it switched off.


It is at least worth a shot to ask since I had the exact same issue with the Odyssey+
Do you have any custom config active in your nvidia settings? (eg. monitor refreshrate beyond 60Hz?) for strange reasons setting the monitor to 60Hz did the trick for me and un-blacked the screen of the HMD. It’s a far shot since it is a different HMD, but it may be a recent NVIDIA or Microsoft bug so probably even relevant to a couple of devices.


Nope, I am keeping all the Nvidia settings at default, and my screens are 60Hz


Have you tried 1 monitor & headset?

Try downloading pitool 76 or 84 let update.

Install as Admin. If your system(s) are clean installs you may need to manually install Dx & vccredistrubute.

In Pitool check Diagnose

@EarlyBackers this will flag other backers whom have been added & received headsets.

Which headset did you receive?


I hope it is something settings related , but based on the description of lines and snow… it also sounds like a bad ribbon cable or soldering job for said ribbon cable (if it is soldered) onto the LCD side.


Agreed Hopefully nothing as serious as that.

@TuTVR also if you haven’t also submit a ticket in the helpdesk listed in Banner topic above.


I have tried using single monitor, both versions of the pitool, as well as installation as admin. System is not clean, I had Vive Pro working fine just a day before… Pitool diagnose tool shows everything is fine.
I have 5k Plus.
It seems like if I let headset cool down, it would work for few seconds, with snow and lines, before going completely blank. I too believe it is soldering job, or some chip overheating.
I am in contact with support by email, but haven’t received any instructions yet.


Here is the video of “snow” I referred to, I filmed it on first launch, then it was getting worse and worse every second before shutting down completely.


Video is not playing for some reason.

@Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao can you look into this issue pleaee?


Please contact our support team via servicedesk, they are handle this and will respond very quickly.

The servicedesk link : http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/


You can update your question and video to service desk and they will answer you soon.
We have a department for dealing these problems.Just contact via service desk and they will reply you


If they are not reply you soon,Send me a message and give me your service desk question number.I will talk to them face to face


Thx, I have been talking with @Doman.Chen and shared this another video I filmed


This is part of the reason why i’m still waiting.
The production is in ‘‘to’’ high quick passe so faults might occur while making this device.

And the customer service is not doing wel…(Email only) im talking very lightly because when somebody’s device is not working at all you expect help of course,
and you expect quick answer when they can fix it soon or late.
I think they have a shortage of employees to solve all kind those problems

I’m living in the Netherlands other side of the world when ‘‘my vr’’ is broken it’s kinda default to send it back that easy…
but were talking about a huge amount of money i’m kinda scared to pay it now while faults might occur.

Dont get me wrong i love the pimax 5k+
But i’m sure that it will your 5k+ will be fixed in some time.


Keep in mind most Customer service in my xp with other companies is often within 2 or more business days.


ouch! hope they’ll get it fixed


Let’s hope that you’re result is for all of us.


Origin I submitted a ticket & never received a response. Gotta love EA.


I have shipped faulty headset back to Pimax and waiting for replacement.