5K+ Received, Need to use MB provided USB to work



Didn’t have much time to play with the 5K+ after work yesterday. But I did find out that it refused to work one of my USB ports. I have a Z370 MB, so it has a chip to add more USB 3 ports. Those turns out to not work at all. After rearranging my KB, mouse, the HMD, etc I found that USB ports connected through the MB chipset itself was required to get the HMD to be detected.

The SDE is still there, but very pleasant to my eye. It’s vastly better than either my Rift or Vive. I only played one round of Beat Saber on Normal FoV but it was quite nice and the added FoV was very pleasant after the tunnel vision of my other HMDs. I only have one eye, so I don’t see the inner distortion other folks have reported and frankly have no idea what to set the IPD at. I just fiddled with the wheel until everything looked clear.

I’ll be able to test some more games this evening. I’ll try to report anything of note. Below are the stats of my rig:
9700k CPU, AIO cooled, not OC CPU
32GB 3200Mhz CAS-14 RAM
Aorus 1080 Ti Waterforce (AIO cooled) GPU


Thank you very helpful.